Monday, April 7, 2014

Prattville Dragoons Chaplain's Column for April 2014

The following was published in the April edition of the Dragoons' Camp Dispatch newsletter:

Chaplain’s Column:  Spring Has Arrived - Thank the Lord!
            After one of the hardest winters we have had in many years I am so glad that spring has finally arrived. Nature has started putting on a new and fresh dress of green. Fresh leaves are starting to sprout assuring hopes of fertility. The dogwoods are blooming along with so many other plants of God’s creation.
            Just as spring represents a season of change and renewal in nature we could consider this a good opportunity for each of us to become more active in the activities and work of the Dragoons. I know that our Confederate ancestors would be proud of us for doing that. We are nearly the only voice they have. If we were to allow ourselves to do nothing, their memories would soon be forgotten. This would allow the lies and blatant revisions of our history to flood our land today. Not only should we try to keep telling the truth but we must remember that our hope is still in the Lord.  The One who showered eternal blessings upon our forefathers in their fierce fight, is able to preserve a testimony to His glory in our present time.
            Today, we can clearly see the unfolding of what our ancestors fought to avoid.  Their valiant struggle to preserve freedom from Northern tyranny was coupled with the greatest revival in our country’s history.  It was during that period in history that many thousands called upon the Lord and knew the eternal victory through faith alone in Jesus Christ. We must continue with all our might as SCV members to defend the good name of the Confederate soldier and the Cause for which he fought. We must also do so in a way that would please the Lord.
            We need to remember also that in this month we celebrate Easter. Easter and hope are synonymous. That special day never arrives without its refreshing reminder that there is life beyond this one. True life. Eternal life. Glorious life.
            Let’s remember to pray for all the ones on our prayer list:
Yours In Christ
Tom Snowden, Chaplain

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