Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Prattville Dragoon's 2014 Dixie Butt Fundraiser

"Dixie Butt" Fundraiser Another Success
Our annual "Dixie Butt" fundraiser was another success this year, netting the Dragoons almost $2000 to continue to answer the SCV Charge, and falling just behind last year's record. Main workers at bagging and distribution were Wayne Sutherland, Tom Snowden, and Larry Spears, with a strong assist later from Stuart Waldo, Bill Myrick, David Brantley, and George Jenks. Stopping by to pick up BBQ and wish us well were Chris Booth, Skip Ward, Danny Smyth, Wyatt Willis, James Hammonds, and several others.  Together with donations by several Dragoons who declined to take a BBQ butt, proceeds from this year's fundraiser will ensure our operations for another year.
Perhaps the main reason for another success this year is that we have done this type of fundraiser for eleven years now, and have become a "well-oiled machine" when it comes to executing this annual effort. Also, some people buy tickets because they know Fatman's is cooking the butts, and enjoy their delicious smoked pork butts. Thirdly, the usual stalwarts got to work and tried to outdo one another in selling the most tickets.  Commander Stuart Waldo and Treasurer Billy Leverette were the top sellers. Skip Ward, who always buys several butts and donates two back to the Camp (which along with Bill Hamner's donation provides BBQ for our April picnic), says he can't make meetings but is inspired by the sight of his ancestor's grave to do what he can to further the Cause.
Finally, it is quite an accomplishment that we handled the tickets for, and distributed, 110 butts without losing track of a single one!  Thanks to all those Dragoons who donated or answered the call to "Buy One And Sell One"—y’all “got ‘er done”!
Larry Spears, Wayne Sutherland, Ken Allen (owner of Fatman's), Tom Snowden bag up the butts

 Tom Snowden, George Jenks, David Brantley, Stuart Waldo, Bill Myrick, Wayne Sutherland

Tyrone Crowley managing the ticket receipts and butt distribution

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