Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Report on Sons of Confederate Veterans National Reunion

From the Camp Dispatch, Dragoon and former Camp 1524 Commander Larry Spears offered a recap of the Convention he attended.

Report On 2014 National SCV Reunion
            The 2014 National Reunion of the SCV was held in North Charleston, South Carolina on 16-19 July. The major event of the reunion was the elections which resulted in a new Commander-in-Chief , Compatriot Kelly Barrow of Georgia. Commander Barrow was unopposed. The contest for Lt. Commander-in-Chief was won by Alabama’s own Tom Strain Jr. over Compatriot B. Frank Earnest of Virginia. The new Army of Tennessee Commander is Compatriot Larry McClunney of Mississippi.
            Commander Barrow appointed Compatriot Ben Jones of Georgia as Chief of Heritage Operations. You may remember him as “Cooter” in “The Dukes of Hazzard” TV show and he is a former Representative from Georgia.
            Past Dragoon Commander and current Commander of the Forrest Cavalry Joseph Wyatt Willis had an inspirational breakfast on Thursday morning to salute General Forrest. Dr. Charles Baker of Alabama delivered a history of Forrest’s life, centering on his conversion to the Christian faith late in his life.
            There were several good tours offered by the host committee but the most fascinating one to this writer was the tour of the CSS Hunley. There have been many artifacts recovered and put on display and some of the panels of the submarine have been removed so one can see the actual hand crank the sailors used to propel the craft.
            The overall spirit and camaraderie of the Reunion attendees was uplifting and there was much good fellowship.                                                                                                                                                                                              --Past Commander Larry Spears

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