Thursday, August 21, 2014

Prattville Dragoons Camp News

From the August 2014 Camp Dispatch.

Camp News
Dragoons In Prattville's Fourth of July Parade - The Prattville Dragoons, led by Commander Stuart Waldo, again walked in Prattville's Fourth of July Parade. Dragoons in the parade included Commander Waldo and family, his son Forrest Waldo, Wayne Sutherland, Bill Myrick.  Dave Thompson and his wife also were there. The Dragoons gave out a couple hundred 3rd National Flags and lots of candy.
Dragoons Attend Forrest Birthday Party at Fort Dixie - On Saturday 12 July, along with over 200 other happy folks, Dragoons Wyatt Willis, Billy Leverette, George and Brent Jenks, Danny Smyth, and Tyrone Crowley attended the Forrest Birthday Party at Fort Dixie near Selma, Alabama. There we celebrated the recent legal victory that provided a deed to Confederate Circle at Old Live Oak Cemetery to the Selma UDC Chapter (formalizing what had actually been done over a century before).  Typical of this time of year, the weather was steamy hot, but a good time was still had by all.  The Dragoons presented hostess Pat Godwin with a check to purchase a concrete bench on Confederate Circle in Old Live Oak Cemetery, so that our Camp's name will be permanently on display as having supported that fine restoration effort, which is scheduled to be completed about May 2015.  Pastor John Weaver of Georgia gave a most interesting presentation on Nathan Bedford Forrest and Mrs. Virginia Davis presented a protrayal of Emma Sansom that was also very interesting and educational.  There was also Celtic music and the usual good meal of fried catfish and all the fixins.  Our hearty thank-you goes out to Butch and Pat Godwin, who host this event each summer.
Dragoons Attend Fort Morgan Reenactment - The Alabama State Historical Commission sponsored a reenactment of the Battle of Mobile Bay on 1-3 August, and at least two Dragoons attended with their wives:  Louis and Carol Turner and Tyrone and Carol Crowley.  At the invitation of reenactment organizer Eli Chandler, Tyrone Crowley mingled with reenactors and the public, portraying President Jefferson Davis.  The excellent Fifth Alabama Band of Tuscaloosa played fine Confederate music on both days of the reenactment, including their rendition of "The Prattville Light Dragoon March", in honor of our presence and remembering the two concerts they played here in Prattville back in 2001-2002.  This was a large, well-done event whose details can be seen at
Report From Harry Rawlinson - Long-time Dragoon ("patriarch" would be a fitting title) Harry Rawlinson, as reported recently, is now in a nursing home in Alexander City, Alabama.  As in past years, Harry sent in his dues and fundraiser this month and says he is about to turn 90 years of age.  Currently, Harry is having to deal with breathing problem, and is therefore on our prayer list.
H L Hunley Camp Member Supports Fundraiser - Compatriot Richard Leya H L Hunley SCV Camp 163 (South Carolina) was in Millbrook for the birth of a grandchild in July, saw our fundraiser so contacted Communications Officer Crowley and bought a Dixie Butt ticket.  Compatriot Leya's camp also sponsors a traveling Hunley exhibit, for which the now-retired Mr. Leya will volunteer.  See
David Brantley Elected Brigade Commander - Dynamic Dragoon David Brantley has now been elected our Brigade Commander, leaving open the Quartermaster position, which has been assumed by Past Brigade Commander and Past Camp Commander William T. "Bill" Myrick.  

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