Saturday, July 4, 2015

Confederate Heritage Rally at Alabama State Capitol Grounds

A Confederate Heritage rally supporting the replacement of the Confederate flags was held on Saturday morning, June 27th on the Alabama State Capitol grounds about the Confederate memorial monument there.  News outlets reported the crowd numbered between 300-1000 people.  Prattville Dragoons in attendance included Commander Waldo, 1st Lieutenant Grooms, Karl Wade, Communications Officer Larry Spears, James Spears, Quartermaster Bill Myrick, Chaplain Snowden, Tom Crowley, Skip Ward, Danny Smyth, Bruce Casey, new members Cody Simon and Daniel Killingsworth.  Good press coverage captured many images of the hundreds of beautiful Confederate Battle flags and other historic Confederate flags blown stiff in the breeze and waved zealously by compatriots.  The event was sponsored by Mike Williams, Adjutant of the Alabama Division Sons of Confederate Veterans.  He emceed the event which included addresses from Division Commander Gary Carlyle, Tallassee Armory Guards member Andy Bodenheimer co-hosted the event and delivered a great speech which fired everyone up.  AL Div Chief of Staff Russ Hare read a letter from the SCV Chief of Heritage Defense saying we cannot give an inch, that they (opponents) have underestimated us although this battle may take years.  Past AL Division Commander Ronnie Simmons also briefly addressed the crowd and led everyone twice in a catchy chant, "Put Our Flags Back, Put Our Flags Back".  Former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Alabama Philip Davis also gave a short speech in his usual eloquent style. Bill Anthony from Tallassee also delivered a dynamic powerful speech eliciting many shouts and applause. Bodenheimer and Carlyle led everyone in some songs including "Dixie", "Will the Circle be Unbroken" and others.  Dixie was partially interrupted by the arrival of more than a dozen members of the Mechanized Cavalry.  Many attendees were in their period dress and Confederate uniforms but others wore patriotic colors and many wore light clothing to beat the Alabama heat.  The first portion of the rally lasted about an hour and a half after which impromptu speakers continued to rally the compatriots.  It was a wonderful event to highlight the egregious actions violating the will of the citizens of the state of Alabama by their sitting governor in the removal of the First, Second and Third National and Confederate flags from their positions about the monument meant to honor our shared Southern heritage in an historical and educational presentation there on the Alabama state house grounds.
Henry Howard of the Montgomery SCV Semple Camp Provides an Invocation

The Assembled Crowd at the Rally Numbering Approximately 600

Tallassee Armory Guards SCV Member Andy Bodenheimer Speaks

SCV AL Division Commander Gary Carlyle Performs

Tallassee Armory Guards member Bill Anthony Delivers a Message

Compatriot Showing Flag Signed by Gov. Bentley at Battle of Mobile Bay Reenactment 2014

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