Saturday, July 25, 2015

Prattville Dragoons Dixie Butt Fundraiser

It is time for the Dragoons' annual Dixie butt sale fund raiser for our Camp 1524. The butts will be cooked by Fat Man’s Bar B Q just as in the past. Price is the same as last year, $30 per butt. Each member is implored to buy one and sell (at least) one to help fund the camp treasury for the upcoming year to put our Confederate heritage in the public eye and donate to Confederate related causes. This past year we funded two electronic billboards in Prattville for Confederate Heritage month in April, Robert E. Lee birthday ads, furnished money to clean up and re-dedicate Indian Hill Cemetery and other projects. We also made contributions to the Confederate Circle project in Selma, First White House in Montgomery, SCV National Heritage Defense Fund and the Archives and History Confederate flag conservation program. Money well spent to further our heritage. 

Butt tickets were distributed at the camp meeting on Thursday July 9 but additional tickets are available. The contact person for the Dixie Butt drive this year is Adjutant Wayne Sutherland who can be contacted at  Also, any other Dragoon can provide butt tickets. .

Butts will be distributed on Saturday August 15 from 7:00am - 9:00 am at Fat Man’s BBQ location next to the Marathon Station on the corner of Main and Memorial Dr. in Prattville. Donations to the camp can be made in lieu of buying or selling a butt; you can donate $10 per ticket or more. This Dixie Butt fundraiser is critical for the Dragoons to carry forth the Charge so we are implored to work together to make a strong push and get our sales completed and money turned in by the August 13  camp meeting and set a record for sales. 

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