Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Forrest's Birthday Party at Ft. Dixie in Selma

Another grand birthday party for Nathan Bedford Forrest was hosted by Butch and Pat Godwin at Ft. Dixie in Selma AL on Saturday July 11th, 2015.  A number of Prattville Dragoons attended including Tyrone Crowley (and his wife Carol), Jeff Jones (and hiss grandson Trey), 1st Lt. Harold Grooms, 2nd Lt. George Jenks (and wife Melissa), Billy Parker (and wife Judith), and past-Commander Wyatt Willis.  Everyone assembled under the tents and shade trees and enjoyed ice cold watermelon and the educational displays provided by Todd Kiscaden. The event kicked off at 3pm with a welcome from the Godwin's followed by an invocation by Rev. Robert Griffin from Clanton. Everyone then joined in the singing of Dixie which concluded with a magnificent cannon shot by Johnny Westerfield.  Bill Anthony read a new poem, "Keep it in Their Face" beseeching everyone to keep  proudly flying their Confederate flags.  Bill also conducted the auction later in the program which helped raise money to continue the wonderful renovation and enhancement efforts at Old Live Oak Cemetery and Confederate Circle in Selma.  Todd Kiscaden also presented "The Flags Over Slavery in English Speaking North America" to educate everyone as to the historical flags which presided over the institution. A solo off "The Bonnie Blue Flag" was sung by Kirby Crabtree followed by the Tallassee Armory Guards Camp 1921 Band which provided music throughout the afternoon.  Past-Alabama Division Commander presided as the Master of Ceremony and introduced AL Division Commander Gary Carlyle as the keynote speaker. Russ Hare performed "I'm a Good Ol' Rebel" and the program concluded with the blessing of the food by Johnny Westerfield.  The supper included delicious fresh fried catfish and sides prepared by many of the wives.  An immensely enjoyable event to celebrate the birth of the Wizard of the Saddle, one of the great Generals of the Confederacy and in the history of our country.
Line for Catfish Supper

The Crowd Enjoying the Program

Commander Gary Carlyle

Butch and Pat Godwin and past-Commander Simmons

Todd Kiscaden

Tallassee Armory Guards Camp 1921 Band

Best-dressed Confederate

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