Friday, July 17, 2015

Indian Hill Cemetery Workday

Following the Dragoon's cleanup and renovations of the historic Indian Hill cemetery in Prattville and the rededication service at the end of April, the summer rains and warm temperatures encouraged the growth of the grass, weeds and undergrowth at the cemetery grounds.  Dragoons including Danny Smyth and Harold Grooms have continued to maintain the cemetery cleaning the grounds, removing paper photos from the dedication, spraying weeds and cutting grass.  On Saturday July 18th, Camp 1524 is planning another workday to continue these maintenance efforts.  Beginning at 8:00 am, the primary goal is to cut back vegetation as much as possible and spray herbicide to retard the re - growth of the vegetation. Weedeaters, mowers, swing blades, sprayers and herbicide is needed.  The camp will have some herbicide available also and the hope is to have several hands available and make short work of this task before the summer heat becomes stifling. The Dragoons worked hard for nearly a year to bring this cemetery back to a respectable burial site for these Confederate veterans and members of Autauga county’s pioneers and it is our responsibility to maintain it.  A sign will be installed on the fencing similar to one hung on the fence at the Robinson Springs cemetery denoting the Dragoons as the caretakers and Guardians of this cemetery.  An SCV Guardian application has been submitted to Compatriot Dan Williams who managed the Alabama Division Guardian program for Camp 1524 to become a Guardian for the Indian Hill Cemetery. 

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