Monday, November 14, 2016

Decatur GA Confederate Sights

Recently visited Decatur GA with my wife as she had an event at the downtown library there so this afforded me some time to look around the area for Confederate historical sites.  Decatur has a quaint Southern downtown area with many cafes offering all imaginable cuisine while the city hall and library anchor the tidy neighborhood.  About the city hall grounds were a number of historical markers including one detailing Confederate General Wheeler's successful attack on a Union supply wagon train as well as another detailing Union General Stoneman's raid to detroy railroad supply lines in support of Sherman's advance on Atlanta and his subsequent surrender to Confederate General Alfred Iverson Jr. despite having superior forces in number.  On the back side of city hall near the Stoneman historical marker is an obelisk monument with inscriptions including, "Erected by the men and women and children of Dekalb County in memory of the soldiers and sailors of the Confederacy of whose virtues in peace and in war we are witnesses to the end that justice may be done and that the truth perish not."  In the front of the city hall on a park bench on the thoroughfare there is a statue of Thomas Jefferson and an adjacent plaque which provides a quotation from this founding father endorsing a limited government to encourage life and liberty.

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