Friday, November 4, 2016

Prattville Dragoons Commander's Column for November 2016

Recently shared with the camp the article “The Tie Between the Civil War and Political Correctness” by Dennis Wheeler which postulated that the War was fought between Southerners holding values of “Christian particularism” and the Northerners not just espousing but attempting to impose their Humanist equalitarianism on the South.   Many Northern progressives held universalist or unitarian beliefs, not accepting the traditional Christian concepts and doctrines. Just as progressives today stretch and contort Biblical truths especially in regards to moral absolutes such as the sanctity of life from conception and the nuclear family with a male and female as husband and wife, 19th century progressives refuted the unquestionable truth of scripture, the deity of Christ and the Biblical cornerstone for the South’s hierarchical agricultural society.  Most Southerners embraced a conservative Protestant culture as opposed to the “enlightened” relativism and secularism of their Northern counterparts.  Much has been written describing the waves of Christian conversions throughout the Confederate battlefield camps and the churches established by these returning soldiers across the Bible Belt.  Prominent leadership of the Confederate Army and government, much as the founding fathers of our United States, held strong Christian beliefs and adherence to their Christian tenants and practices.  The Northern states pursued a modernization in their industrial complex as well as their culture turning to a morality in line with the Victorian European societies including the emergence of Marxism.  In contrast, exceptionalism, free market capitalism and a strict Constitutionalism with power dispersed from the central government earmarked the Southern socio-economic/political convictions.

This same contrast can still largely be seen today as illustrated in the red and blue political maps, the progressive liberals maintaining their stronghold in the Northeast and far west and the conservative red states throughout the Southeast and mid-West, including much the same geographical boundaries of the Confederacy.  Southerners and more precisely those who hold a conservative view of the family and faith are branded as ignorant homophobic xenophobic reprehensibles. Traditional Christians are ridiculed and even targeted by a militant progressive judiciary. Those that resist a socialist redistribution of wealth and value a work ethic in the pursuit of opportunity are insensitive bigots.  Southerners promoting their heritage and unique culture are dangerous racists woefully cherishing hateful symbols and ideals.  We are in the midst of a 21st century Reconstruction with progressives attempting to twist or ignore the Constitution and the Biblical or Judeo-Christian principles on which our nation was founded, attempting to impose their own elitist bigoted values on us.  But the proletariat citizenry appears to be rejecting the incessant progressive agnostic world view agenda and demanding accountability from what is viewed as a corrupt ruling elite.  Interesting parallels in this struggle regarding political correctness between the 1860s and 2016.  Great things can happen when everyone has a voice. It is critical at this pivotal point in our nation’s history that everyone use their voice next Tuesday, November 8th.  Vote next week in the Presidential election, in Congressional elections, and in your local elections.  Support the candidates who share your Southern values and morals, appreciate our heritage and, embrace our traditional limited Constitutional republican form of government for which our Confederate forefathers fought and died.  

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