Saturday, November 26, 2016

Prattville Dragoons November Camp Meeting

SCV Camp 1524 held their November meeting on Thursday the night of the 10th and it was very special and enthusiastic. About 40 members, guests and potential members attended to see two new members and a reinstated member sworn in and hear our speaker, Jean Bradley, President of the Cradle of the Confederacy Chapter, UDC. The new members who were sworn in were Dale Boyles and Tate Swanner. The reinstated member was Greg Swanner, who is Tate’s father. Tate’s Mother and sisters were in attendance to witness this memorable occasion. After the Benediction by Chaplain Snowden, pledges and salutes to the flags led by Color Sergeant Morgan, and the reading of the SCV Charge by Commander Waldo, the Commander began the swearing in ceremony and the Chaplain administered the oath. Announcements were then made regarding upcoming events including the Tallassee Armory Guards Reenactment, Prattville Christmas parade and Dragoons Christmas Social.  The canned food drive was wrapped up and announcement of the camp's Salvation Army Kettle Ringing project and the fundraising effort for the SCV National Headquarters Museum were made.  Quartermaster Myrick then made a special presentation for Veterans Day and the birthday of the U.S. Marines Corps.  The camp enjoyed a superb guest speaker, Jean Bradley who is President of the Cradle of Confederacy Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.  

President Bradley explained the community involvement of the Cradle of Confederacy Chapter and expressed a willingness to mutually cooperate with us in our efforts to promote the Confederacy. The UDC was established in 1896 and the Cradle Chapter was the founding chapter of the Alabama Division of the UDC. The chapter currently has 68 members.  One of the initiatives of the Cradle of the Confederacy Chapter is the annual award of a scholarship to a graduating senior of Confederate descent. Monthly chapter meetings are held at the Montgomery Country Club.  Recent projects include the donation of books to the Tuskegee VA hospital and delivery of baked goods to local area police and fire departments.  

Mrs. Bradey also detailed the service of two of her Confederate ancestors Thomas Hill Watts and Daniel Shipman Troy.  Troy served in the 60th Alabama Regiment and was wounded in Hatchet Run in Virginia.  He was shot while holding the flag of the 59th for which he was voted command by his fellow soldiers.  He fell on the field of battle and was rolled over by soldiers looking to steal belongings on his person and this perhaps saved his life.  A red scarf he had and was taken was returned to his family many years later by the surgeon who had worked the POW hospital.  The Union private who had shot him was actually awarded the Medal of Honor but Troy's family eventually was able to tell him that he was not killed in battle.  He was taken to Washington DC after he recuperated from his wounds and saw the work of the Sisters of Charity as he convalesced and he subsequently converted his family to Catholicism after seeing the Sisters great charitable work.  

Mrs. Bradley discussed the interviews for the "Capturing Montgomery History" video for which Camp 1524 and the Alabama Division SCV made donations for the production.  This documentary will air on PBS and parts will be made available to area schools for education programs.  Mrs. Bradley invited the ladies in attendance to attend a UDC meeting.  This fall the Cradle of Confederacy Chapter will help sponsor the Children of the Confederacy National Convention.  Further, Mrs. Bradley expressed the desire of the UDC to work together on projects including the Camp 1524 Dixie Butt Sale, parades and contacting our representatives for the Memorial Bill.  
New Members

Mrs. Bradley

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