Wednesday, November 16, 2016


We use the term 'Yankee' in the same manner which our fathers and mothers did...with disgust and loathing.
We'd like to offer an explanation of what a Yankee is and who it fits.
First of all 150 years ago, the county was for the most part separated in ideology geographically. The North was one people because of their nature and their goals. The South was another type of people because of our nature and our goals. Both sides came together in the American Revolution to accomplish a specific purpose, and were successful. But, we digress. However, we were NEVER the 'same' type of people.

A Yankee is someone who canNOT mind their own business. They canNOT. They can't mind their own business because they are self-righteous and 'better' than everyone else. Due to this mindset they MUST CHANGE EVERYTHING that they see 'wrong'. And dear God, there is much they see 'wrong' and always in places where it's none of their business.
They LOVE to pontificate and tell everyone how much smarter they are, how right they are, and they believe they always have the upper hand in 'moral authority'. They are know-it-alls. Their way is the ONLY way, because of their inherent self-righteousness. If they happen to call themself a Christian, they are never willing to let the Living God work anything out. They are impatient, and always try to manipulate His will.

You can always tell a Yankee by one way. If they move to your city or neighborhood, and they see something they don't like, they set out to change it IMMEDIATELY. Especially if it was always been done that way, or if it was there before them.
Case in point is a Yankee we know, who moved to a particular neighborhood and saw a CBF flying. It has flown in this location for some 25 years. He IMMEDIATELY said that 'thing' needs to go. When asked why, he explained that the neighborhood was 'diverse' now and it was an offense to different people. Mind you, NOBODY ELSE EVER SAID A WORD ABOUT IT. Nor did anyone complain as they moved to the neighborhood. Any newcomers to the neighborhood knew that flag flies. When told the flag has been there for over 25 years and way before he showed up, he remarked it didn't matter. He is a Yankee, you see?

A Yankee is a control-freak, they can't help it. They can't help it because of their number one fault in thinking that the Living God needs them to fix everything they see wrong. They explain away His Word by calling it archaic, and so they change it with varying translations that keep changing with social mores. Which goes back to that self-righteousness thing. They actually think they know more than God, if they happen to believe in Him at all. They believe He needs their help to do the right thing because if He knew the right thing He would do it.
They are inherently self-righteous, you see? They don't NEED Him.

Now in our day, many Yankees are atheistic and have just about done away with Him, but 150 years ago they needed His Name, so they used Him, and that mindset just happened to have been, for the majority, in the North. They have always been humanistic and humanists. Some Yankees have just done away with the Living God and made themselves God....they are 'religious' sometimes when it is necessary for the masses.
However, the lingering trait of a Yankee is the fact that he thinks he is a better person than you....he is a 'good person' and he will tell you in a blink why he is better than you particularly if you happen to be in a discussion about how much government is too much, such as seat belts being mandated. Wearing a seat belt IS a good idea, but we don't happen to believe it is the government's job to MAKE us wear it. If you think it is the government's job, you might be a Yankee.

We have many Northern friends and even 150 years ago many Northerners joined the Southern army. Conversely, many Southerners joined the Union and we called them HOME YANKEES. And yes that term was/is just as filled with loathing and disgust as the other and probably more so if the truth be known. They were traitors, whom we call 'turncoats'.

What we're trying to say is "Yankee" is a mindset today and not a geographical location above the Mason-Dixon line. We have home Yankees also known as scalawags and they are in the upper echelon of both Sons and Daughters.
The bottom line is, don't think just because one is from the North, that means one is a Yankee. Not so any more.

Southern Historical Society

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