Friday, March 15, 2013

Confederate Heritage Rally 2013 - Biloxi MS

The 2013 Sesquicentennial Event/Confederate Heritage Rally will be held Saturday March 16th in Biloxi, MS at Beauvoir. The dedication ceremony for the new Jefferson Davis Presidential Library will be the showcase of the program.  All SCV member and defenders of heritage and promoters of the principles of the Cause should make plans to attend this important event. 
The Heritage Parade line-up will start Saturday morning along the gulf front Hwy 90. Participants should be in place by 11am. The Dedication event and rally begins at 1pm.  AN SCV honor guard, the National GEC officers, reenactors and members from each Division will march down Hwy 90 to Beauvoir.  Battle Flags will be in prominent display and salutes with guns and cannons are planned.  Be sure to attend this special event which also offers an opportunity to tour historic Beauvoir and the renovated Presidential Library. 

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