Friday, March 1, 2013

Jefferson Davis Reenactment for Vistory Baptist Students

Prattville Dragoon Tyrone Crowley will again reenact the role of Confederate President Jefferson Davis when he provides a presentation on Friday morning, March 1st to the 6th grade history class at Victory Baptist School in Millbrook AL.  Dragoons 2nd Lt Stuart Waldo coordinated the presentation which will discuss the Sesquicentennial events being observed including Davis' departure from Vicksburg and travel to nearby Montgomery for his inauguration as the President of the Confederate States of America.  The First White House of the Confederacy where Jefferson and Varina Davis resided is still standing, now overlooking the Alabama State House.  The causes of secession and the War will also be explained to the students.  Kerri Waldo, wife of Lt. Waldo will also attend in period dress and may bring some period treats like ginger snaps or sugar cookies for the children.  This outreach and instruction to these youngsters is a seminal endeavor to present the true history of the South to future generations and further the Cause as the Charge challenges us all.


  1. Lt Cmdr Waldo: Thank you for your excellent effort in arranging for this visit to a fine group of young people. We will await feedback from Mrs. Pastorelli and her students to see how effective it was. Thanks also to Miss Kerri for her lovely presence and assistance. --Comm Off D T Crowley

  2. Very good idea and I am confident the presentation was first class.