Thursday, March 28, 2013

Prattville Dragoons Camp News from the February Camp Dispatch Newsletter

Camp News
Ladies at February Meeting Get A Rose.  Since our February meeting fell on Valentine's Day, our most generous 2Lt Commander Stuart Waldo brought a handful of roses and gave one to each lady present and to the waitresses at Shoney's, all of whom were most pleased to receive this unexpected gift.  Shoney's offered extra items on the buffet that night, so all of us ate well too.  On behalf of the ladies, we thank Lt Commander Waldo for his generosity and forethought.
Skip Ward Receives Pictures Of Unknown Confederate Grave in Illinois.  Dragoon William "Skip" Ward has received pictures from a friend in Mattoon, Illinois, of the grave of a Confederate soldier who died there in 1863.  The details of the soldier's death are unknown, but the grave is very well kept, and marked with a sign showing a Confederate Battle Flag and the notation "Captain of the Confederate Army, died 1863 at 14th and Broadway, Mattoon, IL.  Rest In Peace, Very Far From Home".
Division's Last Son Is Gone.  Two months after the death of Dragoon and Real Son Henry Gober, Alabama's last surviving Real Son, Tyus Kirby Denney of Cullman, passed away on 7 March 2013 and was buried at Etha Baptist Church in Cullman.
Dragoon Publishes Book.  Dragoon E. Wayne Nelson has published a book, In Search of Glory, available at The book is a true story based on the South Alabama experiences of the author’s great-grandparents, William and Ellen Rice Spivey during the years 1861 through 1865. Follow William as he sets out in search of glory only to discover that war brings pain, suffering, hunger, pestilence, and death. Along the way he is wounded and meets a beautiful woman who nurses him back to health and wakes the passion that stirs within him even to the depth of his soul. Finally, as he nears the end of his trials, he realizes first-hand the value of truth and justice. He also acquires a new and strong reverence for life that helps him to survive all the hardships of war he must endure in order to return home to the things he values most:  family and his one true love, Ellen. Amazon offers the book for sale in paperback and it should be available on Kindle by the time you read this.  If you prefer hard cover, an autographed copy can be purchased from the author at 22478 Hwy 189, Elba, AL 36323 for $25.00, postage paid.

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