Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Confederate History and Southern Heritage Festival

The 12th annual Confederate History and Southern Heritage Festival was held in Wetumpka AL on Saturday May 11th at the beautiful League of the South William Lowndes Yancey Chapter Headquarters Building on Hwy 231.  Cars lined the highway and Confederate Battle Flags lined the row of vendor booths.  Vendors included those selling Confederate flags, bumper stickers and tags to Alabama football souvenirs to boiled peanuts to hand crafted doll houses, bird houses and even spoons and utensils whittled from solid wood.  An antique car show also had a number of entries.  Hot dog plates with home made chili and all the other toppings with potato chips and soda pop were sold along with bowls of pinto beans and ham and cracklin corn bread.  No reason to go away hungry.  The Highway 280 Band played from the front porch of the League building with spectators enjoying the music from their folding chairs.  The kids were treated to a mule wagon ride which proceeded along the shoulder of Hwy 231 and then under a beautiful canopy of trees shading an old gravel county road which returned to the back side of the League property.  The two mules pulled a vintage spoke wheeled wagon which had one bench seat and a couple of bales of hay offering riders a view of this slower mode of transportation from bygone years.  Dr. Michael Hill, President of the League of the South was the keynote speaker and he garnered applause throughout his speech as he reminded people that Southern Christian principles provided the foundation for the Confederate Cause and should continue today as the essential bedrock for raising children to appreciate the true history of the South and to advance the Cause of liberty and freedom for which our forefathers fought and died.  He warned that the tyrannical federal government continues to encroach on our personal liberties, into our very homes attempting to indoctrinate our children and burdening us relentlessly with confiscatory taxes to advance their progressive socialist secular policies. As many have cautioned, Dr. Hill warned that the final goal of this tyrannical federal agenda may be total unsustainable socialism and social engineering and the resulting intrusions and anarchy may necessitate a final line of defense to preserve our freedom, our liberty, our families and our lives.  Copies of The Free Magnolia, the newsletter of the League of the South organization were available to get more information regarding their mission and ideals as they pertain to current events.  The overcast skies provided some respite from the May Alabama heat and the food and fellowship made for an enjoyable time celebrating our Southern heritage.
Confederate Compatriots Enjoying the Festival with Family
Prattville Dragoon James Spears and Wife
Mike Whorton Driving the Mule Wagon with Passengers Enjoying the Ride

Dragoon Commander Stuart Waldo and Children on Wagon Ride


Dr. Hill Addresses the Crowd

Hwy 280 Band Entertains the Crowd

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