Sunday, May 5, 2013

Prattville Dragoons Chaplain's Column from the May 2013 Camp Dispatch

Chaplain’s Column
            Have you ever thought of the Godless condition of our nation lately? It is so easy to recognize the need for change. I believe we tend to focus on the enormity of the problem and we lose sight of our sovereign God who waits for us to ask His intervention.
            Political policies and legislation are not ultimately determined in conference rooms and governmental chambers, but in prayer closets. The voices that shape the direction of a nation are not necessarily those that ring out in legislative halls, but those that approach the throne room of God with bold faith (Heb. 4:16). As the church believes and prays, the Lord will respond. You see, prayer does make a difference.
            Knowing that God can change a country, you may be wondering why He has waited so long. Maybe He is asking you a similar question: "Why have you waited so long to pray?" Every authority on earth can be touched by the power of prayer if we are willing to ask and believe God.
            We have many on our Dragoon prayer list who are in need of prayer. Please look at these names and mention them in prayer.
1.  Jeff Potts
2.  James & Ann Spears
3.  Bobby Carter & wife Merrill
4.  James Little's wife Nita
5.  David Brantley's wife Jennifer
6.  Allen Herrod
7.  Whitson Waldo (Stuart Waldo's Dad)
8.  Wayne Sutherland
9.  Past Division Commander David Allen - kidney stones
10.  John Durden's son David Fail - TIA
11.  Cecil Williamson
12.  J J Oakley
13.  Billy Parker - recovering from injuries suffered in fall
14.  Billy Parker's son-in-law Stan Stuckey
15.  James Whittington
16.  Bill Branch - undergoing back surgery

Yours In Christ,
Tom Snowden, Chaplain
Camp News
Past Chaplain Branch Will Undergo Surgery.  Past Chaplain Bill Branch reports that he is suffering advanced spinal stenosis and must have surgery.  Bill will be homebound for several weeks but looks forward to a good recovery.  Bill tried everything else and surgery was the final option.  Let's keep Bill in our thoughts and prayers.

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