Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Prattville Dragoons May EC Meeting

The Executive Committee for the Prattville Dragoons including Adjutant Wayne Sutherland, Chaplain Tom Snowden, Communications Officer Tyrone Crowley and Commander Stuart Waldo attended the EC meeting on Monday evening.  The Chaplain provided magnificent opening and closing prayers.  The following outlines the agenda:

            1.  CityFest went well.  We gave out two gross (twenty four dozen) small 3x5" Battle Flags.  We sold $72 worth of 3x5' Battle Flags and CDs which will be deposited in the Camp Treasury.  David Brantley has what little is left of Quarter Master stores.  Although there is no reason to replenish stores immediately, we believe an additional gross of the small flags (and additional larger flags for sale) should be gotten for the next Cityfest.

            2.  Stuart and Tyrone plan to drive down for the SCV Alabama Division Reunion on 8 June in Foley AL.  I-65 Flag Chairman Larry Spears will already be down there, so can attend as a Dragoon.  Brigade Commander Bill Myrick will likely attend and Quartermaster David Brantley has also confirmed he will be there all weekend with his wife.  2nd Lt Chris Booth is tentative.  The events on Saturday June 8th include business meetings and a luncheon as well as a memorial service at the Confederate Rest Cemetery.  Deadline for registering is Friday May 10th.

            3.  A visitor from the Semple Camp will attend Thursday's Dragoon camp meeting which will include a tour of the Prattaugan Museum downtown Main Street, Prattville at 7pm (following dinner at 6pm at the regular Shoney's meeting place).  

        4.  The Dragoons Treasurer reported the balance for the camp treasury and funds for a set of new printer cartridges was appropriated and Wayne indicated he would follow up with the AL Division on the reimbursement for the flags purchased for the Confederate Memorial Park flag setting conducted in April.   

            6.  A proposal was introduced from Dragoon Jeffrey Jones for the camp to purchase a cannon but the $12,000 price is thought to be excessive for our camp to undertake.  Larry Spears has previously provided information that the Pell City Camp has a cannon which is available to all the Division for events. 

            7.  Wayne and Tyrone are working on a great project to put all the names at the Prattville Oak Hill Cemetery onto an Excel spreadsheet tabs or sheets of which will represent or depict the sections of the cemetery. Then the Excel cells which represent graves can be highlighted (gray) for the Confederate graves.  This file will replace the old handwritten plats we have used in the past.  This project is a lot of work to put together but after the first printing, the spreadsheet will be available thereafter and we can easily add new Confederate graves that are discovered.  

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