Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lincoln Government Incited the War Between the States - Editorial by Dragoon Charlie Graham

Dragoon Charlie Graham reminds us one more time of who really started the WBTS...  From today's (5/29/2013) Montgomery Advertiser, page 7A.

Lincoln government incited war 

I saw a couple of things in the paper recently that elevat­ed my ire.

One writer paid tribute to William T. Sherman by setting him as a good example of an American soldier’s attitude when he wrote to Ulysses Grant after their attempted unconstitutional Southern genocide that he never worried about getting in a tight for he always knew that Grant would be there to save him. Out num­bering the foe by three to one usually and up to five to one in many cases with much superi­or ordnance and accoutre­ments was also comforting, I’m sure.

That war should not have been. It was spawned by du­plicity and purposely incited by Lincoln’s federal govern­ment to render precisely what all federalists hold dearest to their hearts, complete sub­jugation of the nation’s civil­ians.

In another article about the 1863 siege of Vicksburg Iowa governor Terry Branstad said, “this was a tragic era of Amer­ican history, but the result was the union was preserved and America is what it is today.” To applaud the result, he obvi­ously doesn’t read the opinion page.

I find no valor in the actions of the U.S. government 1861-1865. We hear about Gettys­burg and Vicksburg, not much detail. We don’t hear about Greenville, a town about the size of Prattville today located 100 miles up river from Vicks­burg. It was another one of many blown off the face of the earth by our glorious perpetual union that cared not for the murdered civilians but only for perpetuity.

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