Saturday, May 11, 2013

Prattville Dragoons May Camp Meeting at the Prattaugan Museum

The Dragoons conducted a different camp meeting for their May get together. After a number of folks ate dinner at Shoney's, everyone assembled at the Prattaugan Museum on Main Street in downtown Prattville.   Rachel Deaile, Director of the Museum hosted the Dragoons with a wonderfully informative tour.  The Prattaugan Museum is listed in the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Daniel Pratt Historic District.  The Museum occupies the Mulbry Grove Cottage McWilliams-Smith-Rice House, a Federal style raised cottage with Greek Revival architectural elements built in the 1840s by A.K.Williams.  The house was the residence of George L. and Abbie Holt Smith and remained in the possession of their ancestors until 1995 when it was donated to the Autauga County Heritage Association. 

Following a gathering in the foyer of the house, the Dragoons with their host moved to the Dragoon Room, named in honor for the company which was formed in 1861 after an initial meeting in this very room.  Daniel Pratt, founder of the town of Prattville and the gin works which was the center and heart of the antebellum village provided a quarter million dollars in war bonds and horses for uniforms and munitions and supplies to outfit the Prattville Dragoons, a light mounted infantry corps.  Sixteen were in attendance to enjoy a terrific educational program.  Following an invocation by Chaplain Snowden, Flag Chairman Larry Spears led everyone in pledges to the United States and Confederate Battle Flags.  George and Brent Jenks were recognized as special guests from the Semple Camp.  Announcements included upcoming events including the Confederate History and Southern Heritage Festival in Wetumpka on Saturday May 11th (which will be the subject of a future blogpost soon to come), and the registration deadlines for the Alabama Division and the National SCV Reunions.  Rachel announced that she was happy to return the Sons of Confederate Veterans 1990 charter recently discovered in the museum archives establishing the Prattville Dragoons and a presentation was made at the conclusion of the tour program.  Check back for two additional posts for details regarding Rachel's extensive program.
The Prattaugan Museum Illuminated at Night
Museum Director Rachel Deaile Presenting Camp 1524 Charter to Dragoon Commander Stuart Waldo

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