Sunday, November 24, 2013

In Memorium - Prattville Dragoon Bobby Carter

Compatriot Bobby Carter Passes Over The River
A long-time and highly-respected member of the Prattville Dragoons has passed away.  Compatriot Bobby Steve Carter, born 7 June 1945, passed away on Monday 14 October 2013, at home and surrounded by his family.  Bobby, owner of Carter Construction Company, was the husband of a descendant of Daniel Pratt's nephew Merrill Edward Pratt, and that lovely lady bears the same name as her great-great-grandfather--Merrill.  The Prattville Dragoons offer their condolences to Merrill and all the family of Bobby Steve Carter.

Appreciation Plaque At Dragoon Monuments
Bobby Carter was a faithful member of our the Prattville Dragoons SCV Camp 1524, and was the main force behind the building of the perimeter wall that surrounds the Dragoon Monuments at Fourth and Washington Streets.  That wall was erected by Carter Construction in March 2000, and Bobby's support for the project continued for the next couple of years, as we added concrete benches and Bobby put a gravel cover over the entire area.  Over the last few years, Bobby's health declined and he could no longer be an active member of our camp, but the monument site stands as a memorial to him and his dedication to the SCV Charge.  Bobby's wife Merrill has also been a dedicated supporter of our camp, appearing at many events, such as at our centennial reenactment of the dedication of the Confederate Monument at the Autauga County Courthouse in October 2008.  Her presence is always significant, given her direct descent from Merrill Pratt, for whom the UDC Chapter in Prattville was named  and whose widow, Julia Adelaide Pratt, spoke at the dedication of the Courthouse Confederate Monument in 1908.  Again, Merrill and family, please accept the Dragoons condolences on the death of a highly-thought-of member of the Prattville Dragoons.

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