Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Confederate and US Flags

This is a letter to the editor in the Opinions section of the Saturday Nov 2nd Prattville Progress from our own Dragoon Charlie Graham comparing the Confederate and US flags.

Confederate, U.S. flags share remarkable traits
The first American flag by Betsy Ross contained 13 stars representing the 13 original U.S. colonies that became the first states. It stood for secession from England. It stood for grievance over and redress of excessive taxation. It stood for the perpetuation and maintenance of slavery. It stood for the intolerance of tyrannical central government. It stood for state sovereignty. It was a symbol of rebellion and slavery to British patriots.
It stood for the identical ideals that were represented by the Confederate flags 84 years later.
I find it enigmatic that when enemies of the Confederate flag address it, they are careful to never draw the consistent parallel and purpose of the two flags. They always stress the agenda of groups that adopted the flag after the defeat of the Confederacy and American citizens’ last chance for liberty.
If we expunge everything from our history, heritage and environment that has been misused at one time or another, just think for a moment about the consequences. Of course, each individual would make his or her own list and no lists would be the same. Why should any one group of individuals take preference over another, particularly when the item at stake had the same intended original purpose as an item they wish to keep?

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