Sunday, November 17, 2013

Prattville Dragoons Chaplains Column for November

The following column was written by the Dragoons Camp Chaplain Tom Snowden and was published in this month's edition of the Camp Dispatch.

Chaplain’s Column:  Ephesians 5:15-17
            I once had a close friend who was from another region of the Country but had moved to the South. He was my pastor and in the later stages of our friendship he would inject in religious conversation the statement, “and they call this the Bible Belt, can you believe that?” It seemed as though he would say this after anything bad would happen in the South.  At first I tried to ignore the statement and pretend I did not hear it.  But as you can guess, our friendship ended, and later my wife and I changed churches.
            I feel like the South is under an open and not at all secret conspiracy to erase all vestiges of Dixie. I further believe that much of this hate movement is homegrown. Many of our public officials now favor erasing our history with the belief that much of it is offensive and it is not good for our business climate. Others lean toward political correctness. Many want us to have a homogenized culture, one where the people of the South are no different than any other region of our Nation.
            Years ago, we hated the communists and much fear was generated. I believe that the communist movement has renamed itself and comes in a different flavor now. Unless this movement is stopped, our nation will be destroyed from within. Does the name "progressive movement" ring a bell?
            I hope that I am wrong about this but if you will notice our constitutional rights are being stripped. Our own government is collecting ammunition in excess. Just recently they have purchased excesses of food. Now just what do you think they are planning? If our nation ever needed prayer it is right now. If we ever needed to make governmental change it is right now--before it is too late.
            Please pray for the following:

1.    Mrs. Merrill Carter, the wife of deceased Dragoon member Bobby Steve Carter.
2.    James Little's wife Nita
3.    David Brantley's wife Jennifer
4.    Allen Herrod
5.    John Durden's son (David Fail) TIA
6.    Cecil Williamson - Continued health problems
7.    JJ Oakley - Breathing problems resulting for time as a diver for the U.S. Navy
8.    Billy Parker's son-in-law Stan Stuckey, recovering from heart attack.
9.    James Whittington - Back surgery, pain and needs to return to job
10.  Our Nation and its leadership
Note: Some of the ones on our prayer list have been removed. If you feel like they should remain please contact me and I will be glad to put them back on the list.

Yours In Christ,
Tom Snowden, Chaplain

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