Sunday, June 29, 2014

"12 April" - Book Promotion

Gary Cole of Bullard TX and a member of the General Joseph L. Hogg SCV Camp 972 in Rusk, Texas was promoting his recently published historical novel, 12 April. The attached summary provides a brief introduction to the book which is based on the life of Richard Wesley Cole, a private in the Confederate Army who rode with General Nathan Bedford Forrest during the war. Alabama Division and compatriots of The Prattville Dragoons Camp 1524 will enjoy the many references to General Forrest and Fayette County, Alabama. The book includes the Confederate military service of two Alabama soldiers and the dedication of the Confederate Monuments in Jasper and Fayette, Alabama. 12 April will be a welcome addition to each Compatriot's personal library.

Richard's story begins in Tuscaloosa County on the Alabama frontier during the early 1800's. The first chapter of the book references the War of 1812, the Creek Indian War, and the issues of States' Rights and the strict interpretation of the Constitution that emerged intact from the second war with Great Britain and ultimately divided the Nation. It discusses the division of the Mississippi Territory into the Alabama Territory and the State of Mississippi and Alabama's entry into the Union as the 22nd State. It tracks the growth of Alabama's population from 9,046 in 1810 and follows Richard's experiences common to growing up on the Alabama frontier, including a 100-plus mile trip to the U.S. General Land Office in Huntsville to Patent his forty acres of land. Chapter Two discusses Richard's weeks-long move from Fayette County in 1840 to the Mississippi frontier.

When the War Between the States came, Richard lived in Black Hawk, Mississippi. All of the issues of the era, including States' Rights, slavery, secession, and the brutality of the war and Reconstruction were experienced by Richard and his family and were common to the experiences of families in Alabama and the rest of the South.

"12 April" Front and Back Book Covers

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