Monday, June 2, 2014

Reflection on President Jefferson Davis on his Birthday - A Defense of Secession

Confederate Heritage Fund President Roger Broxton did an excellent job of presenting in a nutshell the Confederacy's case for the War, as reflected in the words of the leaders of the two warring countries, Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis.  Column in today's (6/2/2014) "Montgomery Advertiser", page 7A.

Reflect on Jefferson Davis Today.

Today, June 2, is Alabama’s legal holiday to honor President Jefferson Davis, a
U.S. Army veteran who fought for the U.S. flag, symbolizing the voluntary union
of independent states guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence, Articles of
Confederation, peace treaty with Britain and the U.S. Constitution.

The Southern states had more right to withdraw from the voluntary Union called
the United States than the 13 Colonies had to secede from Great Britain,
because the independent states formed the United States, whereas Britain
formed the Colonies.

President Davis explained in his Message To The Confederate States Congress,
April 29, 1861:
“So utterly have the principles of the Constitution been corrupted that Abraham
Lincoln did not hesitate to liken the relations between a State and the United
States to those which exist between a county and the State in which it is situated
and by which it was created.

“This is the lamentable and fundamental error on which rests the policy that has
culminated in his declaration of War against these Confederate States.

“An organization (voluntary Union) created by the States to secure the blessings
of liberty and independence against foreign aggression, has been gradually
perverted into a machine for their control.

“The creature (federal government) has been exalted above its creators (the

Roger K. Broxton

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