Sunday, June 8, 2014

Prattville Dragoons Chaplains Column for June 2014

Chaplain’s Column: Why Not Serve God? Titus 3:5-8
            When opportunities present themselves to serve God, How do you respond? This is a list of many of the wrong reactions:

1) I can’t.
2) My schedule is too busy.
3) I don’t know how.
4) I’m just a layperson, not a pastor.

            Before we make a knee-jerk reaction and slam these doors closed on opportunities for service, maybe we need to consider if the Lord wants, or maybe He’s even asking you, to go through it. Maybe you have never thought that a refusal to serve God as idolatry. I believe that’s what it is. You are simply bowing down to self instead of submitting to Him.
            The Lord desires that His servants first be willing to do anything and then seek His specific plan for them. His unique gifts to followers will serve according to His will. But when we’ve already made up our mind that we can’t do, won’t do, or are ill-equipped to do, then we’re acting by our own will instead of His will.
            You may serve the Lord as a godly parent, a worker who shares the gospel with coworkers, or as a friend who listens to those who are hurting. There is no restriction on what God can do with a willing helper. The strength of His Spirit overcomes human limitations. Don’t have enough courage? God can fix that. Don’t have the right skills? God can fix that.
            The wisest thing we can do to serve the Lord is lay down all those excuses. We should develop trust that God will empower us to do whatever He calls us to do, He will see that we are properly equipped and trained (Eph. 2:10; 2 Tim. 2:20; 3:16-17). All the Lord asks us to do is to say yes.
Please remember to pray for the following:

1. Benny Harris's wife Glenda
2. Elizabeth Tillery - Youngest sister of Bill Myrick
3. Cathy Givens
4. Jeff Potts
5. John Durden
6. David Brantley's parents - Dave and Mary Brantley

Yours In Christ
Tom Snowden, Chaplain

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