Sunday, February 1, 2015

Alabama State Archives Flag Conservatory - An Alabama State Treasure

AL Division SCV Commander Gary Carlyle presented Bob Bradley, Chief Curator of the Alabama State Archives with a check for $5200 to help in the continuing preservation of the historical flags in the Archives from the period of the War for Southern Independence representing most of the units from Alabama.  Following the AL Division's Robert E. Lee Day program on Saturday January 24th, Bob hosted a tour of the Archives rooms in which the historical flags are preserved many in large viewing cases.  Depending on the material of which the flags were constructed, some of the banners had just delicate fragments and threads remaining which were mounted on a backing inside the framed glass case.  The room is usually closed to the public but a special tour was afforded those attending the SCV event.  Bob explained to the tour that the intent is to recreate conditions for the flags akin to those in ancient tombs.  UV light, changes in temperature and humidity are detrimental to the preservation of these flags. The actual fabrics themselves often had salts in them and many others accumulated dirt and debris which would act to abrade the threads of the flags materials. The fluorescent lights in the flag room are usually left off to prevent UV exposure and devices are used to monitor the temperature and humidity in the climate controlled storage room.  Besides the flags, many other historical artifacts are stored in the room including uniforms and even beautiful 19th century quilts.  Bob indicated over $200,000 had been expended to date on flag conservation and many others remain to be preserved with those prioritized by condition and relative historical importance. The Prattville Dragoons have as an annual budgeted expenditure the continued support of this effort thru donations usually of $500 per annum.  The Alabama State Archives flag collection, a treasure for the people of the state of Alabama and especially for those who cherish their Southern and Confederate heritage.
Bob Bradley Addresses the Tout Including AL Div Lt Commander Jimmy Hill

Our Home Our Rights We Entrust to Your Keeping Brave Sons of Alabama

First National Flag from Selma

Confederate Battle Flags 

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