Friday, February 6, 2015

Prattville Dragoons Commander's Column for February 2015

Camp 1524 Commander Waldo's column from the February Camp Dispatch newsletter:

It seems a number of recent articles touch on the high moral fabric our Confederate ancestors possessed and how this has been handed down to their future generations including those of us who cherish our Southern culture and Christian foundations.  In the November/December 2014 issue of the Confederate Veteran magazine, the article “Lincoln’s War and Historical Revisionism” observes that despite Northern history books attempting to indoctrinate generations of Americans since the war for Southern Independence that the Union Army conducted a grand campaign strictly for the emancipation of slaves from their cruel Southern masters, the actual truth was that justification was merely an afterthought, an eventual war measure.  The Southern states had every Constitutional right to secede from tyrannical Northern states violating God’s very ordained “Natural Laws” attempting to incite slave riots and impose discriminatory oppressive tariffs.  Ben Jones column in the January/February edition of the Confederate Veteran observes that perhaps the truth is finally beginning to be revealed and accepted that the North was profiting from the institution of slavery from the inception of slave trading in North America up until the secession of the Southern states in the Northern textile mills and in the tariff proceeds generated by Southern trade which lined the pockets of Northern industrialists.  As Lincoln stated, he had to instigate the War else he would lose his source of federal treasure. So he unleashed a Total War against the citizenry of the Southern states allowing the Union army to indiscriminately destroy Southern property and commit unspeakable war crimes against the defenseless Southern women, children and elderly as well as the supposed beneficiaries of their emancipation crusade. 

Tyrone Crowley sent out an article in December entitled “The Revenge of the Confederacy” from the magazine Chronicles which stated in comparing the Southern “civilization” to  the Northern peoples, “The South was of a traditional mind; the North of a revolutionary one. The South was deferential; the North egalitarian. The South was pious; the North transcendentalist, or nothing. The South was agricultural; the North industrial. Finally, the South, politically speaking, was strictly constitutionalist; the North latitudinarian and expansionist. These differences had existed from the beginning, but they had grown much wider between 1789 and 1861. With or without slavery, the South did not wish to live in the future as the North contemplated it, while the North was determined to drag the South along, as a distinctly junior partner, with it into that future. Northern politicians, men of business, and public men generally saw in victory no more than the chance to convert the South to its way of thinking.”  And it continues today in distinct red states and blue states but with the geopolitical power center in the Northeast (and California).  Populations segregate themselves with those who “look, think, and vote like them”.  But unfortunately, these are not entirely “homogenous” regions and it has become clear that we are all subjects to a supreme federal tyranny, mired in “frustration, gridlock, seething impotence, and a deep-seated hatred of the other half of the citizenry.  The Unionists in 1865 deprived their country of the opportunity to rid itself forever of that geographic half of it that bitterly resisted its (lack of) character and its agenda. But they did something else as well. They made certain that Northern society would continue to develop in the materialist direction in which it had been moving for decades, unchallenged by a vision of an alternate civilization grounded in nature and tradition, and by effective dissent on behalf of these things.  America as she exists in 2015 is the creation of the Union states that won the Civil War, a country the former Confederacy has had virtually no hand in making. The descendants of the former Unionists need to remind themselves of this fact as they, along with a majority of Americans, deplore what their country has since become. For people whose hearts pump Confederate blood, a certain smugness is understandable, and even pardonable.” 

The Confederate armies experienced a revival which became the bedrock of the Bible Belt but the defeat of the Confederate Army and the subsequent diminution of the Southern peoples and culture during the decades of Reconstruction left the reunited nation without the moral compass which guided the country over the course of its founding and first century.  Southern legislators over the past half century have often stood alone against the onslaught of the progressive agenda which has culminated today in the outrageous social, political and legal acceptance of gay marriage, atheism and attack of Christianity, the abortion of babies, economically unsound socialist welfare ideologies and of course, an ever larger more intrusive federal government.  On the national SCV website you will find a testimony by Dean Boggs of Camp 1209 who in 1979 expressed, “Because I intend to defend my family's honor and remember the sacrifice of my (Confederate veteran) Great Grandfather, and because it is my patriotic duty to my country, I belong to the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  Because I Love the South and I am proud to be a Southerner. I am proud of the culture, grace and elegance of the Old South, of our heritage of courage, honor, chivalry, respect for womanhood, patriotism, and of duty to God and country.  I take pride in the earlier leading role the Old South played in the Revolutionary War, the drafting of the Constitution and the founding of the United States.  Because our Southern heritage has served our nation well since 1865.  The Southern people, who lost everything in the War, and without government aid, had to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, traditionally adhere to the free enterprise system with its liberty and opportunity for all as opposed to the dictatorship of the welfare state with its liberty and opportunity for none.  Because even today, some of our school books, movies, television programs and press falsely portray Southerners as rebels and traitors who fought to preserve slavery, misleading our children and millions of Americans ignorant of history. Since my family fought for the Confederacy, they thereby falsely malign my family and me.  Their purpose is to destroy our proud heritage. As Winston Churchill said, "any people with contempt for their heritage have lost faith in themselves and no nation can long survive without pride in its traditions". Our enemies know this.” 

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