Sunday, February 8, 2015

Prattville Dragoons Chaplains Column for February 2015

Camp 1524 Chaplain Snowden's column from the February Camp Dispatch newsletter:

Chaplain’s Column:  Why do People Follow Jesus
            Key Scripture: John 6:22-71
     When Jesus walked this earth, a vast multitude followed Him. They came to Him for all sorts of reasons—some noble, some selfish. Today the same is true. Have you ever asked the question what motivates people to come to Christ? Not all who seek Him are really His followers. We each need to look at our own walk with the Lord. We need to consider the following question. What do we want from Him? How committed are we to being His disciples?
     Back in the Bible times many of the people who followed Jesus did so because they had needs that He alone could meet. In all the places Jesus went, the sick and demon-possessed were brought to Him—this is one of the ways that God draws us to Himself. Those who can solve all their own problems will say they never need a Savior.
     Some folks came for sensationalism, simply wanting to see the signs, miracles and feel the excitement. Today some people come to church or conferences to get pumped up, but mountaintop experiences are always followed by valleys. When hardships or challenges come, such people are quick to abandon the Lord. But Jesus’ disciples followed Him because they genuinely believed He was the very Son of God (Matt. 16:16). Their commitment went beyond emotions or needs. They wanted to know Christ and walk closely with Him.
     We might ask ourselves these questions. Are we more interested in what Jesus can do for us than in just being with Him? Do we find it hard to stay committed without an emotional experience to sustain us? Our physical and emotional needs can draw us to the Lord, but we should never allow them to be the foundation for our walk with Him.
     Remember to pray for the Dragoons that all we do will be pleasing to God. We could also pray for growth in membership.
     Please remember all those on our prayer list.

Yours In Christ
Tom Snowden, Chaplain

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