Friday, February 20, 2015

Prattville Dragoon February 2015 Camp meeting - Part 1

SCV Camp 1524 held their monthly meeting at the Shoney's on Cobbs Ford Rd in Prattville on February 12th.  Twenty one members and guests were in attendance.  Chaplain Tom Snowden led all those gathered in an Invocation to begin the meeting and in the absence of the Color Sergeant, 1st Lt Harold Grooms led everyone in the recitation of the pledges to the U.S., Alabama and Confederate Battle flags.  Commander Waldo read S.D. Lee's Charge to the Sons of Confederate Veterans and then presented the Announcements.  Special guests included four ladies accompanying their men to our weekly meeting - always nice to have the ladies join the Dragoons.  Upcoming events were highlighted including the next two Indian Hill Cemetery workdays and the April 27th rededication program plans which were presented by Benny Harris who is leading the project.  The Autauga Genealogical Society continues their informational display in the Prattaugan Museum thru the end of the month.  The Alabama Division EC meeting will be held on Saturday January 28th in Montgomery and 1st Lt Grooms and Adjutant Sutherland will represent Camp 1524.  As part of Confederate History and Heritage month, flags will be set at the graves of the Confederate Veterans in Prattville's Oak Hill Cemetery on Saturday March 28th.  The following Saturday will be the Dragoons annual picnic at Confederate Memorial Park where again, flags will be set at all the Confederate veterans graves in the two cemeteries at the Park.  In May, there will be a Sesquicentennial reenactment of the Battle of Columbus (GA) and also a highlight for the Alabama Division, the rededication of the Confederate Circle at Old Live Oak Cemetery in Selma, the culmination of years of work to enhance and beautify this historic final resting place for many brave Confederate veterans.  The plans for the April Confederate History and Heritage Month billboard advertisements were announced to the camp.  These beautiful ads will be displayed on the billboards in downtown Prattville as well as near the intersection of Hwy 14 and I-65.  The business meeting for March was announced including the officer elections to be conducted.  The registration and schedule of events for the Alabama Division and National SCV Reunions were passed around for everyone to review with the reminder that the deadline for early registration is fast approaching.  The guest speaker for the camp meeting was introduced by 1st Lt. Grooms.  James Hammonds is the President of The April 1865 Society, official sponsor of the Battle of Selma Reenactment and Mr. Hammonds provided a recounting of the main events of that battle including common historical misconceptions regarding the position of the opposing forces and other facts.  The Society is erecting Battle of Selma Historic Markers all around the town as part of this Sesquicentennial event in April. Commander Waldo then recited the SCV Closing and Chaplain Snowden led everyone in a closing Benediction.  Another enjoyable camp meeting with Dragoons and Confederate compatriots.

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