Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Petitioning the Alabama State Legislature for the Heritage Protection Bill

On Monday July 13th, many compatriots of the Sons of Confederate Veterans went to the Alabama State Capitol to petition their representatives to support SB-12, the Monument Protection Bill.  More support is needed and thousands should show at the state house the first of August to show support for this legislation.  The following are accounts from Monday July 13th:

There was a big turn out for the state house to meet with representatives and senators today (Monday July 13, 2015). I hope (everyone) got to talk with many, I know I did. Seems like we have lots of support! If you go inside,  we cannot go on the floor so we had two options: 1.) get there at 3pm and meet with as many legislators as we could and we did or 2.) rally and flag outside while they are meeting. Gotta tell you I  know that what we did today made an impression on getting our heritage bill passed. I have cards from many legislators who will help.  I hope they saw all of you in the galley today !  Suggestion for the next event, they will come back on August 3rd which is Monday, they will meet and Wednesday is generally committee day. THAT IS THE DAY YOU NEED TO BE OUTSIDE AND RALLY WITH SPEAKERS AND FLAGS!

- Mike Williams, AL Div SCV Adjutant

Everyone (at the state capitol) today did a good job representing the SCV and expressing our views. I was in Senator Bill Holtzclaw's office & he took the handouts and asked questions about the Tennessee and Arkansas bills. (These legislators) work for us but they work for all of us. I saw all kinds of folks with different interests doing the same thing we were doing, moving from office to office, talking to whoever they could grab. I appreciate everyone that was there today but we could use a hundred more folks there to help spread out. By the time you stood in line to get into their office it was time for them to go to the floor. I will give Senator Holtzclaw a big thumbs up. He met with three of us plus a young lady and he did not try to rush us. He and Carl talked about the marine corp and we found out he has a Confederate connection. General James Thadeus Holtzclaw of Montgomery (whose grave is cared for by Adjutant Mike Williams as part of the AL SCV Guardian program).

- Jimmy Hill, AL Div SCV 1st Lt Commander

There was a good turn out at the state capitol. Spoke with people that had come down
from north Alabama and some that come up from Mobile. Passed out flyers "Reasons to Support Heritage Bill".  Members of Camp 1524 also flagged the Confederate monument.

Four Prattville Dragoons present were:
    George Jenks
    Brent Jenks
    Tom Crowley
    Philip Edwards
    Larry Spears
    New and potential members, Colby Carlock and Jonathan Whitfield

- George Jenks, Prattville Dragoons, Camp 1524 2nd Lt. 

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