Sunday, August 23, 2015

Prattville Dragoons Chaplain's Column for August 2015

Being Different – Scripture Matthew 5:3-6
Jesus made promises in "The Beatitudes." He was describing how to be different, how to be His servant in this hostile and wicked world we live in. He offers special rewards for these character traits and the special rewards for each are:
1. Those who are genuinely humble before God, who turn to Him in absolute dependence, will be assured of a place in His kingdom.
2. Those who show compassion on behalf of the needy, the hurting, will receive (in return) much comfort in their own lives.
3. Those who are gentle—strong within yet controlled without, who bring a soothing graciousness into irritating situations, will win out.
4. Those who have a passionate appetite for righteousness, both heavenly and earthly, will receive from the Lord an unusual measure of personal contentment and satisfaction.    
     After considering these questions it would be wise for each of us to ask ourselves the following questions:
1. Am I really different?
2. Do I take all this seriously and am I willing to change?
3. Do I believe that serving others is one of the most Christ like attitudes I can have?
     What significant difference will the ideas expressed in the Beatitudes have on my life? In conclusion the question is not what do we want to be when we grow up but rather what are you becoming, now that you’re grown?

     Please remember to pray for our country and all on our prayer list.

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