Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Standout Quality in Southern People

Letter to the Editor of the Montgomery Advertiser from Benjamin Austin  of Selma on Sunday, July 26, 2015, page 5E:

‘Standout quality’ in Southern people, not Constitution 

Vanzetta McPherson (retired magistrate judge) stated no real differences between the Confederate States Constitution and the United States Constitution excepting CS slavery provisions. She is right and wrong.

That the CS Constitution was based, “near verbatim,” on the U.S. Constitution was found curious by the judge, but illustrates that Southerners believed in the U.S. Constitution and were content living under it. The problem was that Northern politicians were violating the Constitution and usurping the individual states’ constitutional authority at the expense of the Southern states.

She couldn’t find a “standout quality” in the CS Constitution. The “standout quality” in “Southern heritage” she was looking for isn’t in the Constitution, but in the people who, like their grandfathers before them, exercised the right to secede from an oppressive union. That the majority of the Southern people, including the less than 10% who practiced the abomination of slavery, were willing to fight and die for what they believed in is that “standout quality” she seeks.

The Confederate flag was their banner, their rallying point and with it at their front over 300,000 died in defense of their homeland while resisting an overreaching and abusive central government. A people willing to stand against tyranny and oppression is what that flag represents.

I will not surrender its true meaning to hate groups or the hysterical demagogues manipulated by those wishing to remove its true history from the people.

Judge, you failed to mention slavery was protected in the U.S. Constitution as well. Did you forget?

Benjamin Austin


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