Monday, July 25, 2016

Alabama Division Sons of Confederate Veterans Proclaim Law Enforcement Day

SCV Alabama Division Commander Jimmy Hill has issued a proclamation designating Monday, July 25 as Law Enforcement Day in the Alabama Division. Every camp and individual members of the Alabama Division are encouraged to express our gratitude in some manner to our Law Enforcement personnel on that day.  This recognition is in response to the attacks on law enforcement personnel in some locales around the country.   

The Prattville Dragoons, Camp 1524 officers have been working on a public display of our support for law enforcement in the area. At the suggestion of Compatriot Karl Wade, a retired State Trooper, a rotating digital billboard at Main Street and Memorial Drive (Hwy31) in Prattville will publicly and impressively show our support for Law Enforcement for two weeks (starting this past weekend). This billboard advertisement is similar to what the camp has done for Confederate Memorial Day and Christmas in past years. This location is one of the busiest intersections in Prattville and close to the downtown area.   

Commander Waldo encourages individual camp members and the general public to find ways to show our support for Law Enforcement on July 25.  Please be sure when you show your support to a law enforcement agency you let them know you are doing it as a member or supporter of the Alabama Division SCV and show them the attached proclamation. 

In these troubled times we must band together and protect the rule of law. By the gestures we make on July 25, we as the Alabama Division SCV show support to our Law Enforcement community and wish to thank them for their sacrifices and dedication to service. 

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