Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Dragoons Participate in 2016 Prattville 4th of July Parade

Camp 1524 was well represented in Monday's Prattville Independence Day Parade with twelve Dragoon participants plus family. Compatriot Karl Wade was the Grand Marshall of the parade as the honorees today were active and retired Law Enforcement Personnel. Commander Waldo and his wife and all his children were there to help him celebrate his birthday - he and Adjutant Wayne Sutherland carried the camp banner, wife drove the purple Charger decorated with a U.S. and Confederate flag while the kids threw candy to the parade spectators and oldest son, also a camp member, carried a 3x5 Battle flag and threw Pixie sticks to all the kids along the parade route.  Communications Officer Larry Spears carried another flag while father James rode in the camp's golf cart also adorned with six U.S. and Confederate flags; Tyrone Crowley drove the cart which served as a supply depot for all the mini-Battle flags and SCV coins provided to spectators along the parade route down Main Street.  Over 500 mini-Battle flags were handed out which had SCV and Dragoon informational cards attached to the sticks.  Other Dragoons walking with the entry included Camp Historian Sam Reid, Ryan King, 2nd Lt George Jenks, Bill Gill, and Lt. Brigade Commander (and Dragoon Quartermaster) Bill Myrick and his wife. Jack Moore provided these and other great photos.  Other Dragoons at the event participating with other organizations included Chris Booth, Paul Whaley and 1st Lt Harold Grooms.  The Dragoons entry was warmly greeted all along the parade route often coming to a stop trying to give everyone requesting flags one.  Another great community outreach event for Camp 1524 and an opportunity to provide more information about the camp to our friends and neighbors. 
Karl Wade
The Dragoons before the Start of the Parade
Dragoons Marching Down Main Street

Greeting the Parade Spectators

Informational Card for Flags

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