Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dragoons Clean Up Prattville Doster Cemetery

The Robinson Springs Cemetery and the Doster cemetery got a thorough clean up and manicure on Thursday June 30th by members of SCV Camp 1524. The Robinson Springs cemetery had already been partially mowed by Carl French of Montgomery’s  Cradle of the Confederacy camp #692.  The Dragoons trimmed around the graves and fences with weed eaters, removed rubbish, etc. so the cemetery looks very good again. 

When work was complete at Robinson Springs, the workers travelled to the Doster cemetery Off Doster Industrial Park Rd. near the paper mill in Prattville. There they tackled an overgrown family burial plot that was rather small compared to the other cemeteries maintained by the Dragoons under the Guardian program. However, it needed extensive clean up of brush and limbs so it could be mowed and weed eated. A small oak tree was also cut and removed.  There are two Confederate veterans buried at the Doster cemeteries in marked graves and others are suspected to be there. There is also a veteran of the War of 1812, Absalom Doster.

Participants included Bill Myrick, Tyrone Crowley, Ryan King, James Spears and Larry Spears. Camp Photographer Jack Wilson came to both cemeteries and recorded the efforts of the work crew. Compatriot Myrick had already made one trip to Doster cemetery and had accomplished a lot which made this day's work easier.

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