Sunday, July 10, 2016

Prattville Dragoons Recent Cemetery Clean Ups and Community Service

Several Dragoons completed the clean up of Indian Hill cemetery for the month of June this past Saturday, the 25th. Harold Grooms, Wayne Sutherland, Skip Ward and Tom Crowley pitched in and cut grass, trimmed, etc. while Camp Photographer Jack Moore recroded the day in photos for us. Compatriot Bill Myrick also worked at the cemetery earlier in the week since he could not participate on Saturday. Our sincere thanks to these men for honoring the Confederate veterans (some are Dragoons) interred here along with some notable Autauga county pioneers.  

Additionally, Bill Myrick went to the Doster cemetery on his own this past Wednesday the 22nd and began cleaning this cemetery for the camp. There are some Confederate veterans buried there also. Bill used herbicide plus mechanical tools to battle the underbrush overgrowing the gravesites. Thanks to Compatriot Myrick, for his initiative and willingness to improve this historic burial place. The Doster cemetery is just off Hwy 82 near Prattmont.

Another date will be announced soon to work again at the Robinson Springs cemetery in the Millbrook area. There are seven known Confederate veterans buried there plus more Autauga county pioneers. (That portion of Elmore county was part of Autauga county before The War)

These and other community service projects help keep Camp 1524 in the public eye in a positive way and spread good will in our area. If we all do what we are capable of doing, whether it be manual labor, technical support, attending meetings or keeping our dues current, it goes a long way toward making our camp stronger and accomplishing the Charge to the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

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