Monday, June 3, 2013

Prattville Dragoons Commander Column for June 2013

Recently I was listening to Kevin Elkin and Barbara Mays on Mr.Elkin’s First Call morning radio program out of Montgomery.  His talk show can be enlightening as his listener-ship and his callers are primarily from the Montgomery black community.  Elkin is a refreshingly conservative black voice who is a military veteran and business owner in Montgomery.  This particular show he had Barbara Mays in the studio co-hosting and the topic turned to the problems with the black community and Barbara stated that many in the black community believe integration is detrimental to blacks and whites although she sees the benefits of understanding one another if we are to live in the same community.  Kevin further asserted that there are cultural differences between blacks and whites and used the analogy of apples and oranges.  They both agreed that the solution to the crisis in the black community with crime and unemployment is that blacks must embrace their heritage and demonstrate pride and love for themselves and each other. 
It struck me the admission of these black community leaders that the integration experiment has failed the very people that the conjurers had sought to benefit.  Kevin and Barbara recalled there were formerly black and white communities that got along and respected each other better than the disharmony and racial tensions that permeate society today.  It also struck me the remarkable recognition that there are differences between the black and white (as well as Asian and Latino) races.  Why then the blind eye cast toward interracial unions and the continued impropriety of affirmative action (racial quota) initiatives and indoctrination attempts at diversity?  Whereas these and most black leaders embrace black culture and seek to create black commercial and business prosperity zones where blacks endorse and patronize black businesses, such practices by whites are condemned. 
We as Sons of Confederate Veterans are attacked and slandered as racists for embracing our Southern heritage and culture.  The Charge implores us to perpetuate the true Southern historical record and Confederate heritage and defend the ideals and beliefs of our veteran forefathers. These beliefs form the foundation of our shared Southern heritage and culture.   But today in these current politically correct times, our Southern Anglo-Saxon peoples and culture are being diluted and revisionists incessantly attempt to erase and dismiss our Southern heritage as in Memphis and Selma and in the very history books which indoctrinate our children in the schools our tax dollars support as Confederate General Patrick Cleburne warned.  We should celebrate shared mutual interests and common beliefs with everyone throughout our nation and including all the races in this great mixing pot but we must preserve and be proud of our Southern heritage.  We should honor those black Confederates who served alongside our great grandfathers and appreciate responsible black conservatives today who espouse and promote the same virtues of our forefathers, limited government, personal liberties, self-responsibility and self-reliance. While socialism and government dependency and Islamist ideals are permeating mainstream society, we need to treasure and cling to our cultural Christian foundations and support our compatriots.  The Alabama Division is holding our annual reunion in Foley this month – join us in this Sesquicentennial as we continue to honor our Confederate ancestors in deed and action, to preserve their beliefs and principles and the virtue of our Southern culture and heritage.

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