Wednesday, September 26, 2012


As part of the continuing  Sesquicentennial commemoration of the War Between the States,
dozens of huge Confederate Battle Flags are going up across the state. The "Flags
Across Georgia" project is being conducted by the Georgia Division of
the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) as part of the effort to
commemorate the War and to promote Southern heritage.

Within the last month, new 50 foot flag poles have been erected in both
Augusta and Ringgold, both on major highways in heavily commercialized
areas. The pole in Augusta is located on Wheeler Road, a busy four lane
highway just off I-20. The flagpole in Ringgold is located on
Battlefield Parkway at I-75 exit 350. Each of the poles is located in a
highly visible location and flies a large 10 x 15 foot battle flag.
Other recent additions include a flag on Ga Highway 520 and US Highway
19 in Baconton, both locations in south Georgia.

The SCV has already erected a dozen such flags across the state on major
thoroughfares and has plans to increase the number over the next three
years during the ongoing Sesquicentennial commemoration of the late War.
The largest flag erected so far is a Confederate Battle Flag just
north of Tifton, Georgia right beside I-75; that flag is 30' x 50' atop
a pole that stands 120' and was erected more than a year ago. It has
attracted a huge amount of attention, especially since it is positioned
on the main route travelled by tourists heading to Florida and back from
all over the country.

Interviews and more information may be obtained by contacting the
Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans online at or by calling 1-866-SCV-IN-GA.

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