Friday, September 7, 2012

Similarities Between the Periods of 1860 and 2012, Final Part 8

The Southern states were economic underlings to the North with disproportionate taxation and legislation passed favoring the Northern industrial regions.  After decades of struggles to resist biased tariffs and attacks on their Constitutional liberties, the election of the Republican candidate Lincoln proved the impetus for the Southern states to secede.  But not all immediately did so.  It was only after Lincoln turned federal troops on the Southern states who he claimed were still citizens of his United States that the Southern states of Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina elected to secede.  Beyond his inconsistencies in policy, Lincoln’s abuse of power in attacking the sovereign states who had legally seceded and suspending habeas corpus and instituting martial law in many Northern states embodied unconstitutional executive branch corruption.  
Today, the federal government infringes on state’s rights in myriad ways from unconstitutional application of the Commerce Clause of the Constitution to formulate and require Obamacare compliance to suing states who dare oppose the progressive federal agenda.  While states pass Constitutional amendments defending the Biblical definition of marriage, the Justice Department refuses to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, a legally passed federal law.  The Democrat party adopts same sex marriage as a plank of their party’s 2012 platform alienating any Christian constituents.  While states seek to curb voter fraud by verifying voter roles per legal requirements and provide all military personnel ample time to participate in their right to vote, the federal government brings suits to stop these efforts.   While the states are compelled to pass legislation to enforce federal immigration laws left dormant by lax federal efforts to protect the very borders of the nation, the federal government sues those who dare and profess that they will not deport illegal aliens and that they support sanctuaries for these illegals. Dr. Walter Williams maintains, “States should again challenge Washington's unconstitutional acts through nullification. But where can we find leaders with the love, courage and respect for our Constitution like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, or John C. Calhoun.”  And we could add the framers and defenders of the Confederacy’s Constitution, President Jefferson Davis, Howell Cobb, and General Robert E. Lee.  Some Governors in Arizona and South Carolina and Texas have stepped up and have dared to confront the dangerous unconstitutional progressive agenda of the current administration. 
Just as the election of 1860 proved to be pivotal in the history of the United States of America, so too may the elections of 2012.  Today, the confiscatory taxation policies, the ever growing federal behemoth controlling every aspect of our lives, ignoring Constitutional mandates to uphold the laws of the land, the treasonous neglect of the security of the country, the federal government confronting their very states and citizenry and, the moral delinquency of the federal governments agenda, bear justification for extreme measures to protect the liberties and freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution and envisioned by our Founding Fathers. 

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