Friday, September 14, 2012

Prattville Dragoons Camp Meeting - Gen.N.B.Forrest Monument and Selma Live Oak Confederate Circle Security and Beautification Project

The Prattville Dragoons held their monthly camp meeting at the Shoneys on Cobbs Ford Road and enjoyed a great presentation and fellowship.  Commander Chris Booth welcomed everyone to open the meeting - there were 26 people in attendance including prospective new member David Gatch as well as Bill Anthony from the Tallassee SCV Camp. Chaplain Snowden then provided the invocation (and at the close of the meeting, provided the closing prayer with some more pointed requests for tolerance and honoring our ancestors following the guest speaker's message).  Upcoming events highlighted included the Gun show at the BJCC Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex on October 13th which will include Confederate artifacts from Beauvoir, the State Archives, and the Columbus Naval Museum will be on display. The 15th annual Battle for the Tallassee Armory will be held Friday-Sunday, November 9-11th and will include the reenactment and suttlers. The Prattville city Christmas parade will be held on Saturday Dec 1st and 2nd Lt. Waldo and Brigade Commander Myrick will be coordinating the Dragoons entry - float riders and walkers are encouraged.  The Dragoons will again be hosting the Christmas Social at Buena Vista on Friday Dec 14th.  Brigade Commander Myrick also petitioned everyone that a new I-65 Flag Chairman is needed to head that ongoing project. 

The guest speaker was Todd Kiscaden who provided an update to the work on the Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest monument restoration and security, beautification and enhancement project for the Confederate Circle at Selma's Live Oak Cemetery.  Todd showed architectural plans for the memorial circle enhancements as well as the new N.B.Forrest monument.  He read four different documents including the Statement of Purpose for the Confederate Circle Project being shepherded by the Friends of Forrest Inc, Pat Godwin's Epitaph on the death of tolerance and honor for our history, heritage and forebears in Selma, his published letter to the editor of the local Selma newspaper which questioned why Selma was allowing terrorists to prevent the permitted construction completion of the Confederate Circle enhancements and finally, a laminated document which was found buried at the Circle proclaiming Jesus as Lord of Selma and commanding that occult practices and rituals cease at the cemetery - an interesting parallel to the anarchist terrorist activities conducted by ignorant heritage haters attempting to block the progress of the Forrest monument restoration and Confederate Circle improvements.  Todd shared his horrific story of the construction progress and current work stoppage including being physically assaulted, materials being stolen and vandalized, and racial slurs being thrown incessantly at him and his workers.  These criminal acts of vandalism and causing work to be postponed have resulted in tens of thousand dollars of losses to Todd and to local Selma suppliers and laborers - these ignorant militant anarchist black activists led by Rose Sanders and her conspirators including paid demonstrators have illegally prevented the progress on this construction and also affected the local commerce with Selma citizens all in an effort to hinder the improvements at the cemetery to honor our Confederate heritage and forebears and allow access for handicapped visitors. Outrageous!  With the police department allowing and promoting this vandalism without providing any resolution or prevention to the continued anarchy and the mayor not providing leadership to complete this permitted project, the issue is now scheduled for legal hearings to secure the deed to the cemetery plot and to secure reimbursement for the loss wages and material costs as well as criminal prosecution for vandalism and destruction of private property.  Support is needed for this legal fight - contact the Friends of Forrest for donations and to lend a hand.  Many thanks to Todd for this update and for his and the Godwins incredible resolve and patience and restraint in dealing with this criminal element and with the corrupt or inept or cowardly police and city government in Selma. 
Todd Kiscaden Presenting Confederate Circle and Forrest Monument Architectural Plans

Todd During His Impassioned Presentation to the Prattville Dragoons
Commander Chris Booth Encouraging the Dragoons to Support the Friends of Forrest

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