Wednesday, September 12, 2012

SCV Alabama Division Fundraiser - SCV Automobile License Plates

In the recent Prattville Dragoons Dispatch camp newsletter, following an accounting of the tremendous success the camp had with the annual Dixie Butt sale (details below), Brigade Commander Bill Myrick beseeched all to support the Alabama Division and it's work by purchasing an SCV license plate for their automobile. 

As you well know (the Prattville Dragoons) camp has one (Dixie Butt) fundraiser per year (and) support of this is beyond anything we could ask for.  Many of you may not know it, but the Alabama Division has one fundraiser per year also.  The difference is that it lasts all year long.  Money to operate our Division comes from the sale of Sons of Confederate Veterans tags.  You pay an extra $50.00 for an SCV tag.  From this the division gets $42.63—over 85%.  The Division uses these funds to support all manner of projects supported by the division, such as the I-65 Flag.  Over the years the number of plates sold has continuously dropped off.  Many of us have at least one SCV tag.  If you don't, won't you consider purchasing one?  It is a way of supporting the cause and remembering your ancestor at the same time. No one can make you remove the tag because they are offended.
Bill Myrick
Southwest Central Brigade

The newsletter report for the Dixie Butt sale provided details on the outstanding record success from this year's fundraising effort.

            The annual Prattville Dragoons "Dixie Butt" fundraiser set a record this year, a record that we may have a hard time surpassing in future years. In 2010 we sold 134 butts, a record, then in 2011 sold 143--another record--but this year, due to several factors discussed below, we blew through last year’s record early on, then went on to sell a pleasantly-surprising total of 196 Dixie Butts.  Together with donations by several Dragoons who declined to take a BBQ butt, this year's fundraiser netted an all-time record amount of $2,139 for the Dragoon treasury, which will ensure our operations for another year.  
            Perhaps the main reason for this year's great success is that we have done this type of fundraiser for seven years now, and have become a "well-oiled machine" when it comes to executing this annual effort. Also, some people buy tickets because they know Fatman's is cooking the butts, and like his product. Thirdly, the usual stalwarts got to work and tried to outdo one another in selling the most tickets.  Second Lt Cmdr Stuart Waldo and Treasurer Billy Leverette were the top sellers (see list on next page). Skip Ward, who always buys 12 butts and donates two back to the Camp (along with Bill Hamner's donation, this provides BBQ for our April picnic), says he can't make meetings but is inspired by the sight of his ancestor's grave to do what he can to further the Cause.
            And speaking of inspiration, we have several newer members who brought fresh spirit to the fundraiser and added to the overall enthusiastic and synergistic spirit of the undertaking. Last but not least, since we sold about a dozen tickets that way, Mr. Don Fletcher of the Prattville Progress deserves our thanks for continued publication of the announcement of the Dixie Butt Sale in the Progress (Mr. Fletcher, by the way, is a descendant of Confederate Vice-President Alexander Stephens, AKA "Little Alec, the brain without a body").  Local folks who are not SCV members but support Southern heritage called and bought tickets (one couple, originally from Indiana, bought six tickets) after reading the announcement in the paper.  The fact that we offer to deliver tickets to the buyer’s door also seems to be a selling point. Finally, it is quite an accomplishment that we handled the tickets for, and distributed, 196 butts without losing track of a single one!
             Thanks to all those Dragoons who answered the call to "Buy One And Sell One". Dragoons who went above and beyond that call to "Buy One And Sell One", as well as Dragoons who made outright cash donations.

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