Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September Prattville Dragoons EC Meeting

The Executive Comittee for the Prattville Dragoons held their monthly meeting Monday evening with Commander Chris Booth, 2nd Lt Stuart Waldo, Chaplain Tom Snowden, Brigade Commander Bill Myrick and Communications Officer Tyrone Crowley in attendance.  These are always enjoyable meetings as well as constructive.  Appetizers were delicious including smoked almonds, potato chips and dip and oranges and watermelon slices.  But, the business at hand included finalizing the upcoming camp meeting agenda.  Contrary to what was recently announced in the Camp Dispatch monthly newsletter, 2nd Lt Waldo's report out from the National Reunion in Murfreesboro will be presented at the camp meeting in October or November.  Tom Kiscaden will be the guest speaker for this Thursday's September camp meeting.  Tom has been instrumental in the new construction of the Forrest memorial in the Selma cemetery and will be reporting on the most recent issues involving legal obstacles laid down by obstructionist militant black local politicians in that community who demand everyone respect their African heritage but refuse to respect our Confederate Southern heritage and brave soldiers who fought for the Cause and defended OUR homeland from the Northern aggressors who raped and pillaged all manner of civilians and property including these same black's slave and free ancestors.  Dues for the annual renewal of SCV membership including national, state and Dragoons camp dues total $45 and are due by the end of October.  The Christmas events were briefly mentioned including reservations made at Buena Vista for the Social on Friday December 14th and organizing an entry for the Prattville Christmas parade on Saturday Dec 1st.  The Alabama Division EC meeting will be held in Prattville AL in February of 2013 which will allow Prattville and Montgomery SCV members easy access to attend this annual event - it will be held at Bucks Place on Hwy 31.  The final topic for the EC was a discussion on the merits of closing the longtime jjoakley Dragoons website.  This website provides much good useful information about the Prattville Dragoons and the SCV including historical accounts and creeds.  But it was decided that to reduce expenditures, this same information can be provided on this camp blog, theprattvilledragoons.blogspot.com thru blogposts, links and homepage information.  A comprehensive history of the Dragoons should be posted on Wikepedia and a link provided on the blog to this most important accounting of this Autauga AL historical period.  Order of Confederate Rose member and wife of the 2nd Lt, Kerri Waldo will provide webmaster work to make these changes before we close down the jjoakley site or terminate funding for that webpage. 

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