Sunday, September 2, 2012

Similarities Between the Periods of 1860 and 2012, Part 6

In contrast to a government condoned and defined village to raise children, a traditional Christian community places the importance of the nuclear family as the foundation for a strong society.  And this family is led by a man, a father and husband, and a woman, mother and wife, not single mother households, not same-sex households.  The relationship between the husband and wife as father and mother are defined in the Bible as one demonstrating respect, love, discipline and honor.  Today, same sex partners vocally condemn and militantly demonstrate against anyone who dares espouse the Biblically dictated heterosexual norm.  Study after study cite the importance and benefits of having the male father figure and female motherly roles in the home where children are raised.  The belief in a society with a self-sufficient family unit and limited local government control is a peculiar Southern tradition with roots in the Jeffersonian principles which helped shape the Constitution.   These same principles form the basis for the Taxed Enough Already, TEA Party platform.  Today the socialist agenda of the current administration seeks to redistribute wealth from the job/wealth creators to the urban welfare and earmark recipients.
Further, this community foundation is based on a local communal reliance secondary to the familial one and rejecting one which relies on or bestows control on an omnipotent centralized (federal) government.  According to Walter Williams a prominent black economist, author, syndicated columnist, and professor at George Mason University, “Lincoln's intentions, as well as that of many northern politicians, were summarized by Stephen Douglas during the presidential debates. Douglas accused Lincoln of wanting to "impose on the nation a uniformity of local laws and institutions and a moral homogeneity dictated by the central government" which "place at defiance the intentions of the republic's founders." Douglas was right and Lincoln's vision for our nation has now been accomplished beyond anything he could have possibly dreamed. The only good coming from the War Between The States was the abolition of slavery. The great principle enunciated in the Declaration of Independence that "Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed" was overturned by force of arms. By destroying the states' right to secession, Abraham Lincoln opened the door to the kind of unconstrained, despotic, arrogant government we have today, something the Framers of the Constitution could not have possibly imagined.”  Lincoln’s goal of federal control of the citizenry at the expense or personal liberty and state’s rights was secondary to pacifying the demands of the abolitionists.

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