Thursday, September 27, 2012

Restoration of the Old Raspberry Family Cemetery in Mulberry/Isabella Community, Chilton County, Alabama

From Prattville Dragoons SCV camp member Benny Harris:

I can’t begin to tell you how glad I am to have participated in each of the three cemetery restoration workdays (at the Historic Raspberry Family Cemetery) that have been held so far since the 1st of June.  I am extremely proud of 16 year-old (Eagle Scout Candidate) Trevor Cofer and his family for their commitment to this noble undertaking.  Our family ancestral cemetery was lost in deep woods and undergrowth, head stones and foot markers are broken and damaged and still need a lot of work, and I am once again requesting that you come and help preserve the honor and dignity of this final resting place of two generations of our grandparents (as for those of us in my generation, it is one set of our 4xgreat-grandparents and one set of our 5xgreat-grandparents) .  This cemetery also contains several Confederate graves!  I assure you, you will be glad you participated and helped out!  We have even had one 96 year-old descendant to come out and help with one of our workdays!  Please make a special effort to be in Chilton County (the Mulberry/Isabella Community) on Saturday morning, September 29th, around 8:00 a.m. and let’s all help Trevor Cofer earn his Eagle Scout Badge (the highest award a boy can earn in the Boy Scouts of America).

IMPORTANT MESSAGE:  Eagle Scout candidate, Trevor Cofer, is requesting that all descendants, fellow scouts and scouters, as well as anyone interested in helping to restore historic old cemeteries, to please come and help with the cemetery restoration project scheduled for this coming Saturday, September 29th.  We have already held three work days but a lot of work is still needed.  I would suggest that you wear a long sleeve shirt and long pants, socks and closed toe shoes, a hat and work gloves.  Bring a folding chair to rest, insect repellant, water and something to eat for lunch.  Don’t forget to bring some good tools to use in cutting and clearing small trees and undergrowth.  Trevor is also requesting donations be made to a cemetery fund to help with signage, a gateway and concrete benches.  You can make your tax deductible check payable to Trevor Cofer (FOR: Eagle Scout Service Project) and feel free to mail your donations to his home address at 23 County Road 223, Thorsby, Alabama 35171.  Please make a special effort to come and help with this work day and don’t forget that he needs donations to make some improvements to the cemetery. 

Directions to the cemetery…..take Hwy 22 leaving Clanton heading west toward Maplesville…turn right (north) on County Road 15 when you see the signs to Isabella High School and Mulberry Baptist Church…when you get to the 4-way intersection at Isabella High School turn right (east) on County Road 29…when County Road 29 forks go left (northeast) on County Road 223 (a dirt road)…you will see signs and a logging road on the left of County Road 223 leading to the cemetery.  See you there!

For descendants of Lee Dora (Price) “Bambam” Foshee:  If you are wondering how you are related to our ancestors buried in this cemetery, here is the linage…

Starting with Eula (Foshee) Wells, Hattie (Foshee) Massey and Pearl (Foshee) Scott
Eula, Hattie and Pearl were the daughters of Lee Dora (Price) “Bambam” Foshee and Riley Monroe “Papa” Foshee – buried in the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery – Chilton County, Alabama
Lee Dora (Price) Foshee was the daughter of Francis Marion “Frank” Price and Mary Frances (Pate) Price – buried in the Cedar Grove Methodist Church Cemetery – Chilton County, Alabama
Francis Marion “Frank” Price was the son of John J. Price and Piety Pertissa “Purity” (Hayes) Price – buried in the Cedar Grove Methodist Church Cemetery – Chilton County, Alabama
Piety Pertissa “Purity” Hayes was the daughter of William C. Hayes and Luritie “Charity” (Raspberry) Hayes – buried in the Old Raspberry Family Cemetery – Chilton County, Alabama
Luritie “Charity” (Raspberry) Hayes was the daughter of Green Raspberry and Mary Ann (Mullins) Raspberry – buried in the Old Raspberry Family Cemetery – Chilton County, Alabama


  1. Our last workday at the cemetery is Saturday, March 9, 2013 from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Please come and help with this worthwhile project. Thank you. Benny Harris & Trevor Cofer

  2. Benny and Trevor - Benny, I think I met you at the Christmas concert with the Kempters at the Wetumpka Civic Center last year. Julia Cleckler and I had a nice conversation today with Mr. Raymond Oden and went out to visit the Old Raspberry Cemetery. It's within walking distance of my house. I must say I didn't even recognize it. It looks so much better. And your restoration of the broken headstones - unbelievable. I didn't know that could be done. Anyway, I have some kin folks buried there as well, and wanted you to know that you did a phenomenal job. Let me know if I can do anything to help with your cemetery restorations around the Maplesville/Isabella. John H. Morgan, III

    1. John: Please e-mail me your contact information...mailing address, e-mail address, telephone numbers (home and cell), so I can stay in touch with you. We are planning a re-dedication ceremony at the cemetery and I want you and Mr. Oden to attend. My e-mail address is or . Thanks, Benny

    2. My research indicates that my Great Aunt Purity Hayes was not the same person as Piety Pertissa Hayes. They were born in different years and and if they were the same person, there would be conflicts with dates of birth with the other children born of my Great Grandmother Luritie Rasberry Hayes. I am Ronald Hayes, Great, Great, Grandson of Green Rasberry and still living on the original property in Isabella Community.

    3. My research indicates that my Great Aunt Purity Hayes was not the same person as Piety Pertissa Hayes. They were born 8 years apart and if they were the same person, there would be a conflict in the years of birth of my other Great Aunts and Uncles born of my Great Grandmother Luritie Hayes. I am the Great, Great Grandson of Green Rasberry and still live on the original property in Isabella Community. I have a copy of the original landgrant from President Martin Van Buren and a copy of the will of Green Rasberry.

  3. Hello. I have recently learned that I have ancestors in this cemetery. Do you think you would mind sending me the address so that I can visit their graves? agrland4guys at yahoo dot com.


  4. Mr. Harris, I just read about the restoration and rededicaiton of Old Raspberry cemetery. I have been tryin to get something done about another family cemetery that is lost in the woods off cr 339 just a few miles south of this cemetery. I believe they are related to those of this cemetery. I live in central Florida and would be willing to travel or help to restore this cemetery as well. Do you have any advice on how I could do this. Thanks, Saundra Roebuck Adamiak

  5. I have tried on several occasions to find the cemetery. My great (maybe) six great grandfather, Littleton Riggins is buried there. I found the dirt road, but no signs or logging road. If you can give me some other help, can you email me at I would really appreciate the help. Thank you.