Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Alabama Division Reunion June 8, 2013 - Part 1

Attended the Saturday business session of the Alabama Division reunion on June 8th which was held at the Civic Center in Foley AL, hosted by the Fort Blakeley Camp 1864.  The Prattville Dragoons were well represented at the convention with Brigade Commander Bill Myrick, Flag Chairman Larry Spears, Commander Stuart Waldo, Adjutant Wayne Sutherland, Quartermaster David Brantley and Benny Harris.  We were joined at our table by Philip Davis of the Montgomery Semple Camp.  Registration began at 7am and the vendors in the convention hall were all set-up including a silent auction with a variety of items all along three rows of tables. The opening ceremony brought the convention to order and this included a reenactment color guard which posted the flags and Dixie was sung to begin the schedule of events. Tommy Rhodes, Commander of the Fort Blakeley Camp welcomed everyone and went thru the schedule and Chaplain Jerry Riley of the Ft. Blakeley Camp provided the invocation. Pledges were said to the U.S., Alabama and Confederate Battle flags and then the Stephen D. Lee's SCV Charge was read.  Announcements included highlighting the upcoming commemoration of the Battle of Gettysburg which has events scheduled between June 28th and July 11th and they are expecting 15,000 participants for the battle reenactment.  A proclamation was read which was issued by the Alabama State House of Representatives recognizing the annual Alabama SCV Division Reunion and a resolution was also read by Representative Steve McMillan from House District 95 which reiterated the Charge, that the SCV is responsible for presenting the history of the War, the Confederacy and the Southern Cause to future generations.  Regrets were conveyed from Lt. Commander Kelly Barrow and the Mayor of Foley for not being able to attend but it was announced that the month of June was declared Confederate History Month for the city of Foley in recognizing the Reunion. Army of Tennessee Commander Tom Strain brought greetings from Commander in Chief Givens in which he prompted everyone to take a stand for Dixie and what is right, prepare for a counterattack and resist federal domination.  Commander Strain also welcomed everyone on behalf of the Army of Tennessee which is the largest army in the SCV with 362 camps, 11600 members and 300 cadets and stretches from Michigan to Key West and including South America.  The final portion of the opening ceremonies brought Mrs. Maddox with the Order of Confederate Rose to the podium.  She said that the SCV and OCV have done better working together to fight our common enemies to save monuments and our heritage; she implored wives to form an OCR chapter affiliated with each camp. The Opening Ceremony was followed by the Business Meeting, a luncheon, a memorial service at Confederate Rest in Point Clear and an Awards Banquet Saturday evening - check back here for summaries and photos from these events.
Vendors Setup in the Foley Civic Center for the AL Division SCV Reunion
Members of the Prattville Dragoons at the Reunion in Proximity to the Stage

Color Guard Posting the Flags

Ft.Blakeley Camp Commander Tommy Rhodes Welcomes Everyone to the Reunion

Army of Tennessee Commander Tom Strain Addresses the Convention 

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