Saturday, June 15, 2013

More Confederate Heritage in our Texas Vacation Trip

After our vacation stop in Mississippi, we went further west into Texas to visit relatives, a brother, aunt and cousin.  I had the opportunity to visit my cousin previously years ago and remembered their home was more of a museum and I was delighted to see it again and note the numerous Confederate and WBTS artifacts.  My cousin's husband was formerly in the armed forces and a police officer and evidently took an interest in historical military weapons and artifacts.  He has mannequins throughout the upstairs rooms which are donned with uniforms from the Allied and Axis forces from WWII and even numerous suits of armor and pikes, swords and many guns including 19th century revolvers and rifles and even reproduction non-firing 50 caliber machine guns.  The room dedicated to War Between the States artifacts has numerous weapons including original and reproduction revolvers and rifles as well as reenactment uniforms and even two original uniform jackets.  The entry to the plantation style house as well as a door to a dining room wing are adorned with a brass emblem emblazoned with the Great Seal of the Confederacy.  Obviously we had a nice discussion regarding his collection and also the possibility of their joining the SCV and UDC heritage organizations and they mentioned their interest in the Alamo Defenders Descendant's Association.  Wonderful time perusing their home and all the amazing treasures contained therein. 
Dining Room Fireplace Mantle
One Corner of the Room Dedicated to the WBTS
One of the Original Uniform Jackets in the Collection

The Great Seal of the Confederate States of America

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