Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Prattville Dragoons Camp Meeting Program for June 2013

The Prattville Dragoons will again hold their monthly camp meeting at the Shoney's restaurant on Cobb's Ford Road in Prattville on Thursday, June 13th at 7pm.  Come early as everyone gathers at 6pm to partake of the delicious Shoney's food including their buffet.  The program for June was to include a presentation by Mr. Will Dismukes.  He is a student at Faulkner University and just returned from Idaho where he played in the Small College World Series.  His family owns land in the Millbrook area which served as a campground for Confederate soldiers during the War Between the States.  Will has excavated a number of items which he will show and tell about but, unfortunately he had a late conflict and will be unable to make this camp meeting.  We look forward to his presentation soon and hope he will continue his involvement with Confederate history and heritage and consider joining the Dragoons in this pursuit.  Alternatively, those members of the Dragoons who attended last weekend's Alabama Division Reunion in Foley AL will provide comment on the events there.  Dragoons who attended included Commander Stuart Waldo, Adjutant Wayne Sutherland, Brigade Commander Bill Myrick, Flag Chairman Larry Spears, Communications Officer Tyrone Crowley, Quartermaster David Brantley and Benny Harris.  Bill will give his Brigade Report and Larry can provide his reflections on the Reunion and the Banquet.  Tyrone will talk about a letter he addressed to the DEC regarding the library at the Confederate Memorial Park.  Check back here for additional columns which will provide details and images from the convention.   Join us on Thursday for the Dragoons camp meeting and help us to keep the Confederate memory alive and the Charge answered by each generation.

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