Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Prattville Dragoons Camp News

From the recent JUne issue of the Dragoons Camp Dispatch:

Camp News
Barry Wyatt As Camp Genealogist More Than Just A Label.  Our Camp Genealogist Barry Wyatt is most adept in that capacity, and proved it recently.  A young man who had left his name on our list at CityFest gave us some basic info on his family tree which we passed on to Barry.  Within hours Barry had used the US census and online Confederate records to identify the young man’s Confederate ancestor.  Great work, Barry!
Bill Branch Recovering From Back Surgery. Past Quartermaster and Chaplain Bill Branch is recovering well, after back surgery on 23 May.  He's already out walking his dog Tippi and expects to be driving again by the time you read this.  Good work on the recovery, Bill!
QM David Brantley Creates Facebook Page For Dragoons.  Newly-appointed Quartermaster David Brantley has stepped up and offered additional service to the Dragoons:  providing a Facebook page for our Camp.  Look for “Prattville Dragoons” on Facebook and let David know what you think.  He’s at wareagle1972@gmail.com

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