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Alabama Division Reunion June 8, 2013 - Part 2

The Business Meeting of the 2013 Alabama Division Reunion was a fast paced efficiently directed meeting which concluded before the scheduled luncheon.  Division Commander Gary Carlyle moved the Brigade Commander presentations up in the agenda to the first item.  Dragoon Bill Myrick was among the eight Brigade Commanders to make reports.  Bill brought great news that a new camp in Lownesboro is forming.  He also mentioned the great camp meeting at Marion where H.K. Edgerton visited - see the related blog here.  Bill also mentioned the Selma camp and their recruiting booth at the Battle of Selma reenactment and the good turnout they had for their annual Lee-Jackson banquet in January. Of course the activities of his home Prattville camp were also highlighted.  The SW Brigade Commander (where Foley AL is located) spoke about a Beauvoir donation and renovations for Confederate Rest Cemetery in Point Clear.  Beatle Bailey provided information regarding an October reenactment at and benefiting Beauvoir. 

Mike Williams, Adjutant for the Division, reported that we have 1802 members, an increase of 103 members over the past year!  He mentioned the renewal system as a possible contributing help to this statistic.  He also mentioned that every camp was assigned an email address for communications from the Division such as EC meeting minutes. 

Tyrone Crowley provided the Confederate Memorial Park Library report.  The library was established by Leonard Wilson and with his passing, there appears to be a void in the direction and mission and ownership for the library.  The library contains over 2000 volumes.  From Dec 2012 thru June 2013 the library was opened by volunteers 83 days and saw 174 visitors.  It was recognized that the library is a Division treasure but that with the paucity of visitors and difficulty scheduling volunteers, the days the library is actively open should be reduced to Friday thru Sunday and the proposal was accepted.

Commander Carlyle summarized the last EC minutes from the meeting in Prattville.  There are 1600 SCV car tags issued in the state of Alabama which funds the I-65 flag project.  This number of tags represents almost 90% of the 1800 SCV members in the Division.

Division Chaplain Dr. Baker provided the Chaplains report beginning by saying he will pray the library will continue operating.  The Chaplains Handbook was among the volumes he had available and said it was a must for each camp Chaplain.  He also spoke of the Morning Exercises, a set of devotionals by Rev. Jay from Bath, England and The Perfect Lion, a biography of John Pelham, the great artillery commander praised by General Lee and his staff.  He encouraged everyone to email to subscribe to Dr. Rumberg's Chaplain's Chronicles. Dr. Baker has been a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans since 1980 serving as Division Chaplain for numerous years and also as Commander. He mourned the passing this past year of Mitchell Denny on March 6th at the age of 91 who was the last documented Real Son in the Division and also of course the passing of past Commander Leonard Wilson at whose funeral he preached.

Just prior to the morning break, the Treasurer's Report was presented.  The Alabama Confederate magazine is a primary expense for the Division but the new glossy page format was commended.  The Forrest Monument project at Cedar Bluff went slightly over budget but the renovation project was completed this year with the help of seventeen volunteers whereas prolonging the completion would have resulted in greater additional expense.  The monument site includes three informational kiosks, walls to focus attention to the monument and an 8" thick sidewalk.  The monument was rededicated with attendance including the Mechanized Cavalry.  Two Wheeler Scholarships were awarded this past year but applications are further encouraged by eligible students.

The reports from the remainder of the staff officers as well as the presentation of and voting on amendments and resolutions concluded the business session and will be summarized in our next blog.
Brigade Commander Myrick Presents his Report
Dragoon Tyrone Crowley Reads his Library Recommendations Letter

Dr. Baker Addresses the Reunion

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